ClassicCarLabs Competition



Competition is now over and winner have been emailed.

*Updated leader board below*


You can win the following 3 prizes:

  1. Diecast Model Classic Car (we will give you a choice of 3 different models)

  2. Stunning high quality Car Cover

  3. Classic Car Calendar for 2016

To Enter:

  1. Register for free on the site (go here)

  2. Create a post with a picture of a classic car (one that you have permission to use, most likely your car, a friends car, your old car etc…)

  3. Share on Social Media or by email or any legal means and get your friends & family to click on the ‘MAKE FAVORITE’ button.

  4. The 3 posts with the highest number of ‘favorites’ will win the 3 prizes in the order above – i.e. the post with the highest number of ‘favorites’ will win the Diecast Model, the 2nd highest number of votes will win the car cover and 3rd highest will win the calendar.

  5. Competition starts 2nd November 2015 & end 12th November 2015.

Official Rules can be found here.

Leaderboard 11th November

1st Jim Chitty – 5   (just one ahead of the pack, you’re gonna need a few more likes if you want to win this)

2nd Dan, Don, Paul, Hsperr, Carlover, Andrew, Frankie– 4 (come on guys you can get another few likes)

3rd Ivan, Allan, Peter, Lonnie, Jeff, Clark, Salvatore (you are in striking distance of  being 1st- you can do it!)


Pictures are for illustration purposes only.