Ponies in the Ozark Mountains

1968 GT500

Ponies in the Ozarks

By David Rush

Eureka Springs Arkansas is a Victorian style village in the northwest corner of the state. Every weekend during the tourist season there is some kind of event like music festivals, parades, and car shows. The very first car show is the Mustang weekend bringing in around 300 cars of all years make and models, this year brought some really interesting cars from super high performance cobras, roush, and saleen models to the 1960 to 1970 classic models.

blue mustang

saleen mustang

classic red mustang

The one car that really stood out for me this year was a pristine 1968 GT500 in gold with duel racing stripes and the car has an interesting history having been wrecked many years ago she was relegated to spend about 15 years between two sheds in Mississippi over the years many people tried to buy her but her owners just didn’t want to sell her until a classic car collector one day left a business card and a note that said if you ever want to sell the car give me a call and left it in a shoe box on the front porch well after five more years the owners called the collector and he bought the car and started the restoration process and then the current owner found out about the car and made the collector an offer on the car and although the restoration was not yet complete he bought the car took her to Memphis TN and finished the build and he did a magnificent job as she is one of the finest GT500 builds.

black mustang

classic mustang engine

old mustang

classic mustang interiorold pickup truck

I have seen in my many years in the car collecting hobby. There were also many well done examples of the saleen cars mostly fox bodied dealer branded race models to street modification models the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into these cars is amazing. So all and all it was a fun and interesting day here in Eureka Springs at the Mustang show- a beautiful day in the Ozark mountains looking at cars what could be better. Until next time and remember every car has a story to tell.

old classic mustang mustang baby the best shelby classic old car shelby classic shelby white mustang 1968 gt500 blue classic mustang orange black mustang interior of a mustang old racing car 302 boss

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