Plymouth’s Classic Family Hauler: 1949 Plymouth Suburban

1949 Plymouth Suburban

Everyone has probably heard about the Chevrolet Suburban, the GMC Suburban, the Studebaker Suburban, the Nash Suburban, and the DeStoro Suburban, but not a lot of people have heard about the Plymouth Suburban. It’s not that they weren’t successful, but probably because they aren’t as popular as Plymouth’s other models.

If you hear the Suburban name, most would immediately think about Chevy’s full-size sports utility vehicle but a number of other car companies used the Suburban name for their pickup trucks and sedans. For Plymouth, the Suburban name refers to their commercial sedan lineup which started in 1949. The Plymouth Suburban started in 1949 and was canceled in 1962 but in 1968, the Plymouth Suburban made a comeback as part of the Fury lineup.

1949 Plymouth Suburban engine

This featured 1949 Plymouth Suburban station wagon is a well maintained and well preserved two-door wagon offered by a classic car dealer from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. According to the seller, this Suburban only has about 44,000 original miles.

The Plymouth Suburban was built on Plymouth’s Deluxe chassis (P-17) which was first used after World War II. The chassis had an 111’’ wheelbase. The Suburban was powered by a 217 ci inline six engine that produced 97 horsepower. The engine featured an improved cylinder head and intake manifold which increased the compression ratio to 7.0:1. A fuel pump with more capacity was also installed to the Suburban.

1949 Plymouth Suburban seats

According to the dealership, the engine of this Suburban also came with a bigger starter motor and resistor spark plugs. Its ignition system has been weather-proof to ensure that this Suburban runs smoothly under rain or snow. It comes in a glossy Mexican Red finish which looks great. Other features include rear fender skirts, heater/defroster, AM factory radio, factory wheel covers, dual bench seats, and freshly added whitewall tires. The body has some minimal flaws which are not too visible, and all of the chrome and other brightwork are intact and have great shines.

On the inside, everything looks good and solid. The bench seats can comfortably accommodate 3 adults and can easily be folded to create more cargo space if needed. The spare tire is mounted underneath the rear end to create more space in the interior and a mount-free exterior.

1949 Plymouth Suburban interior

This Suburban also came with some optional features such as the twin sun visors, front bumper guards, dual horns, rear-seat armrests, nine-leaf rear springs, and dome light. It is a great example of Plymouth commercial sedan, a turnkey classic ready for a Sunday nights cruise with the whole family. It may not be show quality standards, but it is good enough to be a classic regular driver that can fit the entire family and enough extra luggage space for a great weekend at the beach.

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