Incredible Shelby Relic With 7 Digit Price -1965 Shelby Mustang GT350

1965 Shelby Mustang GT350

Carroll Shelby is a legend that played a huge role in the American automobile industry. He was a successful racecar driver. He led a team to victory at the 24 Hours of Le mans by mounting a Ford V8 engine on a British roadster to build one of the most successful sports cars in history, the legendary Shelby Cobra.

In 1961, Shelby was forced to retire as a racecar driver due to heart problems. But he did let his legend die, he founded the Carroll Shelby School of High-Performance Driving which is the first competition driving school in America. The driving school was located at Riverside International Raceway in California and most of the students are professional racers, fashion models, movie stars, and other celebrities.

65 Shelby Mustang GT350

This 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 is an incredible Shelby relic from his racing school. It even has the schools name etched on its rear and sides. This GT350 is being listed for sale in It comes in white with blue stripes and decals. This fastback is 1 out of 3 cars that were exclusively used by Shelby’s driving school, and out of the 3, only 2 are left today. This GT350 is currently part of the Petersen Automotive Museum gallery in Los Angeles.\

1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 interior

This GT350 with VIN 6S451 is an incredibly rare S model and is on the watch list of every Shelby fan. Mark Logan, a famous expert on Shelby and Mustang, has testified to the authenticity of this GT350. Logan is the co-owner of Dynamic Motorsports, the company that represents this car’s owner from Colorado.

This highly desired Shelby relic has an asking price of $1,150,000. With its significant role in the Shelby legend, the 7 digit price tag is justified.

1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 engine

According to Logan on the ad:

“People don’t buy a car for what the sheet metal looks like; they’re buying the story behind the car. That’s the appealing part of this one: why it was used, where it was used and who drove it. And the fact that it was one of the three that Carroll had at the driving school.”

“This particular car was used to teach people how to drive a race car. There were a lot of stars back in the day that spent time behind the wheel of this one. (Actor) Jim Garner was one of the people who learned to drive in the car, among others.”

After the success of the Shelby Cobra was proven to the world, Ford asked Shelby to turn their new Mustang into a powerful race car. Ford wanted a Mustang that would be street legal and be eligible to enter the professional track. The result was the iconic 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 that went to shock the world of its performance and has been a highly desired collector’s car today.

1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 dashboard

Shelby took the chance to use one of his most successful creation to further the success of his racing school. He brought 3 race-ready GT350 S models to his driving school and put them to good use. He installed roll cages and 4-point seat belts to ensure the safety of his students and mounted a high-output V8 engine on each car. With some additional modifications, these GT350 fastbacks were almost identical to the full racing R models.

According to Logan, even though it is almost identical to the R models this GT350 was never used as a race car and was exclusively used for driving lessons. The only major difference is that this GT350 has a rear-exit exhaust and the R models had a side-exit exhaust.


The 3 Mustang GT350s were used by Shelby’s driving school until it was sold in 1968 to Bob Bondurant, a famous racer that also retired due to major leg and foot injuries he received from an accident in Watkins Glen. During Bondurant’s management, the school’s name was changed to Bob Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving School. The 3 GT350s were not included in the sale and Shelby brought all 3 with him.

According to Logan, Shelby sold this GT350 to Ronald Sampson, one of Shelby’s Trans-Am mechanics. “Sampson worked on the Shelby American Trans Am team and was in charge of servicing all the driving school cars, so he knew 451. He removed the school lettering and used the car to take his wife on their honeymoon,” he said.

The car was then passed down to several owners which included Bob Goldsmith who used it in drag racing and an unnamed woman from Arcadia, California.

In 2006, Logan purchased this fastback from a man who lived in Oceanside, California, who completely restored the car. “It is a concours restoration, so it is done exactly like the car was built in June 1965,” Logan added.

It was then sold to its current owner who is a billionaire car collector with a huge collection of classic and exotic cars. The 7 digit price tag on this Shelby creation suggests that the owner is not rushing to sell this car and prefers to sell it to someone who knows and understands the true value of this car.

“The car is a million-dollar car to someone who is an avid Shelby collector,” Logan stated on the cars ad. “R models sell for well over a million dollars now. This ranks right up there in terms of quality and caliber of what you’d find in an R model.”

This is without a doubt one of the most desirable classic Ford Mustang out there. This is perfect for any collection.

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