Stunning 1956 Lincoln Premiere Series Hardtop

1956 Lincoln Premiere Series Hardtop

The 1956 Lincoln Premiere Series with its long and smooth profile that looks like it is always moving forward is one of the greatest things that came out of the ‘50s. The panel gaps are so tight it creates a very smooth and sleek body. In 1956, the Premiere Series was included in the Lincoln line as its top of the line model which took over Capri’s spot at the top of the line model for the previous years. The pillar-less Premiere provides an almost unhindered 360-degree view from the interior. Both the coupe and the convertible Premieres featured styles that were far better than the other Lincolns. The hardtop Premieres outsold the convertibles by a ratio of almost eight-to-one.

1956 Lincoln Premiere

The Premiere Series brought the Lincoln to new heights and cemented the Lincoln reputation as a famous luxury car known for its high-quality engineering, great performance, and luxurious design that set it apart from other models. In 1956, the Lincoln received a complete restyle with a very dashing look. The new design was clearly inspired by the 1953 Lincoln XL 500 and 1955 Lincon Futura show cars.

1956 Lincoln Premiere Series Hardtop engine

The new Lincolns were designed to charm the wealthy post-war Americans who were starting to rebuild their homes. The nose was pointing forward, the front fenders looking sharp, and the rear quarters are extended which is very similar to the XL 500 and the Futura but the smooth body creates a unique image. The interior also has its own luxurious feel with high-quality materials to create a stylish look. The chassis and engine remained the same which was very successful in previous years. The Lincoln was built on a 126’’ wheelbase and powered by Lincoln’s quite 368 ci Y-block V8 engine that produced around 280 horsepower and more than 400 lbs. of torque.

1956 Lincoln Premiere Series Hardtop interior

This featured Premiere Series comes in the charming Huntsman Red finish with a 2-tone leather interior of black and red. The interior is completed by black dash, pleated seats, and carpeting that looks great. This hardtop has received a thorough restoration to bring back its beauty, the paint, chrome, interior, and engine bay has all been refurbished. This Premiere original came with the Lincoln “Turbo Drive” automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering, power windows, and power seats. The dashboard has been padded for safety and features speedometer, clock, warning lights, and switches. This beautiful red Lincoln rides on red wheel rims fitted with period correct wide whitewall tires. All of the wheels have the Lincoln Premiere logo on the wheel covers. This 1956 Lincoln Premiere Series hardtop is a beautiful example of one of the most successful vehicles in the 1950s.

1956 Lincoln Premiere Series Hardtop dashboard

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