1937 Studebaker Coupe Express Truck – The First Utility Pickup

1937 Studebaker Coupe Express Tru

Studebaker was already in the manufacturing industry way before the age of automobiles began. They started manufacturing horse carriage and carts in 1852. The quality of their creations was known for their consistency which helped become a successful brand throughout the country. By 1902, they transitioned to producing automobiles which were highly welcomed by their loyal patrons.

At first, Studebaker built partnerships with several manufacturers. They sold cars built by other manufacturers. In 1912, to protect their long-running reputation, Studebaker became a completely independent car manufacturer. The earliest Studebaker automobiles and small trucks were not too far out from the Studebaker horse carriages. Studebaker continued its high-quality designs into the automobile industry. Studebaker cars became known for being extremely reliable cars that could last for years.

1937 Studebaker Coupe Express Tru exterior

In 1937, Studebaker released the Coupe Express and left General Motors and Ford Motors in the dust. Most people think that the first utility trucks were either the Chevrolet El Camino or the Ford Ranchero, but it was actually the Studebaker Coupe Express that made the first appearance years before those 2 existed.

The stylish Studebaker Coupe Express was a utility pickup that used the 5A Dictator chassis, and it also had the same front-end sheet metal. Unlike most classic pickups, the pickup bed was made with pure steel. It featured a single spare tire mounted on the side. The Coupe Express looked extremely smooth and stylish for a classic pickup. The truck bed was able to hold up to a half ton cargo and it had the comfort of a passenger car. The Coupe Express was a very fresh concept at that time and only 3,125 were sold in 1937.

1937 Studebaker Coupe Express Tru tires

This 1937 Studebaker Coupe Express is an excellent example of the true 1st pickup truck that presents in an outstanding condition. This truck has received a lot of love and its life has been well-documented. It was completely restored in 1994 and has been kept in excellent condition ever since. It comes in its original Studebaker gray that looks beautiful. It rides on painted wheels fitted with the correct black wall tires on all fours. The body is completely solid with tight panel gaps. All of the trim and chrome are intact and have an excellent shine.

The interior features a high-quality gray leather that looks great. There is little to no signs of aging since it was restored. Under the hood, a very clean and solid 218 ci L-head inline six engine. Although the engine bay isn’t perfect after being frequently driven, it still presents in an excellent working condition. The inline six is matched by a three-speed manual transmission that directed the power to a solid 4.55:1 rear axle.

It is evident that this Coupe express received a lot of attention which testifies to its excellent condition. It is a great example of Studebaker’s exceptional building skills, an extremely desirable classic truck with an art-deco style.

1937 Studebaker Coupe Express Truck dashboard

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