1926 Chrysler F58 5-Passenger Touring Convertible

1926 Chrysler F58 5-Passenger Touring Convertible

In 1925, Walter P. Chrysler stepped up to rescue the dying Maxwell Motor Company and renamed it into the Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler wanted his company to build a mass produced car that had better quality than Ford cars but cheaper than Buick cars. Chrysler immediately had the company develop new models. Chrysler engineers went to overdrive to deliver the all-new F58 in 1925 and full production started in 1926. By 1926, Chrysler was making a name for itself and entered the Indianapolis 500 for the first time.

1926 Chrysler F58

The Model F58 was already coming out of the assembly line in December 1925. It featured a direct driveline that has based off the Maxwell designs. The F58 name was derived from its smooth 58 mph cruising speed. Chrysler advertised their all-new convertible “offered 3 qualities combined in no other car – 58 miles per hour, 2 to 25 MPH in 8 seconds, and 25 miles to the gallon”. Today, it is extremely rare to find a Model F58 that is in good condition. It is considered as the car that started Chrysler’s rise to the top and became part of the Detroit Big Three.

This 5-passegner convertible is powered by a 4-cylinder engine with an 186 cubic inch displacement and is able to produce 38 horsepower without any problem. The engine is connected to a 3-speed manual transmission that is attached to a floor shifter, standard clutch, and a shaft drive.

1926 Chrysler F58 5-Passenger Touring Convertible engine

This featured Model F58 is from Conroe, Texas and was part of a large and notable Texas classic car collection. Although it is a very solid example and still functions, it is not a garage queen. This convertible comes with hydraulic drum brakes installed on all of the wooden artillery wheels that looks great. It was restored a long time ago and it already has some parts that are showing their age. But the maroon finish still looks great and has a good shine.

The interior and the convertible soft top are still in great condition. It has a very simple design but still looks beautiful. This rare classic has been frequently featured in car shows and parades. Every time it makes a public appearance, not too many are able to properly identify this convertible. You really can’t blame them because this car is just extremely rare.

1926 Chrysler F58 Touring Convertible

This 1926 Model F58 convertible belongs to the oldest model built by Chrysler and it’s extremely hard to find an example as beautiful as this one without undergoing a complete restoration. It is still mostly original and has been well-preserved since it was restored. But even though this convertible is a very rare and historically significant car, it was sold for less than $20,000 during the Houston Classic Auction hosted by Worldwide Auctioneers.


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