1957 Volkswagen Beetle – The Last of the Classic Bug

1957 Volkswagen Beetle

There are countless cars that have existed through history but very few come close to the most iconic Volkswagen Beetle. The people’s car does not have extraordinary performance or luxurious designs, what made it iconic is its simplicity. It was incredibly easy to drive and easier to maintain which made it an extremely reliable car to own.

This 1957 Volkswagen Beetle sedan is one of the last classic era Beetles. It comes with the features that what made the Volkswagen Beetle successful with some other improvements. The 1957 Beetle is considered as one of the best classic Beetles. This Beetle previously sold by a private dealer from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin with an asking price of $12,500.

iconic 1957 Volkswagen Beetle

The value of these classic Beetles have started to rise in recent years and this one presents in a perfectly clean and fully restored condition. This Beetle was restored with period correct components and finished in period-correct colors.

According to its previous owner, this classic Beetle has been well taken cared for which is why it is in a great condition. During the restoration, the interior was completely redone in factory specifications and features new headliner, floor mats, and seats. The original steering wheel has restored. The original transmission was removed and a synchromesh transmission was installed for better driving.

1957 Volkswagen Beetle dashboard

The previous owner also added that this Beetle was only used in the summer season and stayed in a heated garage when the weather was not too forgiving, this explains why this Beetle has a relatively low mileage.

The iconic Beetles were known for the smooth driving experience they provide. This one drives like any modern car. The Beetles were popular cars used by the common people, they were very reliable drivers and extremely fuel efficient. Although it would be a waste to turn this one into a daily driver, it is still solid enough to do the job.

Another great thing about the 1957 Volkswagen Beetle is that it can enter almost all of the classic car events all over the world such as the Mille Miglia. Although this one probably won’t be winning you any trophy right away, the $12,500 asking price is a small investment and leaving you more money for improvements.

1957 Volkswagen Beetle engine

The humble Beetle has reached greatness since its birth and has earned respect from all classic car collectors across the globe. Jay Leno once said that “every car collection should include a VW Beetle.” The Beetle is the greatest proof that a simple but well-built car can go a long way.

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