1936 Ford Model 51 – Classic Coca-Cola Delivery Truck

Coca-Cola Delivery Truck

Since the start of the cars on the road, cars were more than just a convenient way of transportation. Some Companies have found out that they are effective mobile billboards to show off their products. As the vehicles continued to evolve, the innovative businessmen also found new ways to advertise their products. They became flashier and more eye-catching to ensure that they would stand out. The big companies were known to create crazy designs that would surely get stuck in the minds of the people.

1936 Ford Model 51

Several companies were able to create extraordinary mobile billboards that they remained in the people’s minds for years. Some of these examples include the Diamond T Texaco “Doodlebug” tankers, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, and the MoxieMobile. Coca-Cola was one of the first to make use of these mobile billboards and created some of the most iconic company cars and trucks. The Coca-Cola trucks and cars still continue to catch the eyes of the public even today.

In 1936, Coca-Cola celebrated their 50th Anniversary and as part of their celebration, they converted a few Ford Model 51 flatbed trucks into Coca-Cola delivery trucks. These trucks came in a 2-tone yellow and black finish with a big sign that proudly says that Coke is in their 50th year. The 1936 Ford trucks were more than just reliable, they also brought a bit of style with their sweeping fenders and a signature V-shaped grille. The stylish Ford trucks were already eye-catching on their own but after Coke was done repainting them, they became stunning delivery trucks.

1936 Ford Model 51 coke truck

This featured truck is just a recreation of Coke’s 50th-anniversary delivery truck but still looks amazing. It was built using the proper 1936 Ford Model 51 1.5 ton dual wheel truck. It is a great tribute to long-lost classic coke delivery trucks. It is an extremely well-built recreation that is correct down to every detail. You can clearly see the quality of work done to create this classic icon. The body is accurately down and finish in the correct Coca-Cola yellow finish that presents in a fantastic condition. And like the original delivery trucks, it features the correct equipment. Although it was built as a working truck, it is also a mobile billboard that comes with style to attract attention. The interior is fairly basic and just enough for to keep the driver comfortable for the whole day. Interior features include an original black vinyl, pop-out windshield, and classic gauges. It rides on heavy-duty wheels finished in red and fitted with the correct tires.

coca cola truck 1936 Ford Model 51

The truck bed is painted green and red. The truck is loaded with the Coca-Cola logo to make sure that everyone will see the brand name. And if that’s not enough, a large sign is mounted on top. All of the details are beautifully done in the classic coke fashion.

It is powered by an authentic flathead V8 engine that is rated at 80 horsepower. The flathead is connected to a 3-speed manual transmission. This truck has a 10,000 lbs. capacity and to help haul all of that load, it features an Eaton 2-speed rear end that is able to double the power. The chassis is painted in black and looks solid and fit to hold all of the load.

1936 Ford Model 51 engine

The interesting thing about this truck is the attention to detail during the build. The builder was able to get some original wooden Coca-Cola crates and used them as a template to create 160 wooden crates that were then placed in the truck bed. All of the crates are then painted in the correct Coke yellow with the accurate labels on the sides. To make this truck more authentic, all of the 160 cases were filled with Coke glass bottles which took a total of 3,840 bottles. You can’t get more authentic than that. When the owner brought this truck to car shows, he distributed ice cold Cokes to everyone. This truck was recently featured at the National Auto and Truck Museum located in Auburn, Indiana. Even Coco-Cola recognized the beauty of this truck and used it during some of their national events.

1936 Ford Model 51 dashboard

This 1936 Ford Model 51 is indeed a great tribute to the Coke’s iconic 50th Anniversary Delivery Truck that provided great service to the company. Its authenticity is unmatched that accurately represents classic truck that has been lost in history. Its size and stunning appearance will surely turn every head as it cruises down the road or parks at a local car show.

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