Classy 1930 Pierce-Arrow Model A Convertible Coupe

1930 Pierce-Arrow Model A Convertible Coupe

The Pierce Arrow Automobile Company was nowhere near the vehicle manufacturing industry when they first started. They were founded in 1965 under the name Heinz, Pierce, and Munschauer and built different kinds of household furniture such as gilded bird cages which were their most famous product. In 1872, George Norman Pierce became the sole owner of the company and started producing bicycles. By 1900, they started designing stream power automobiles and by 1904, they focused on producing large high-quality vehicles. Not too long, Pierce-Arrow became known for their highly reliable and top of the line vehicles.

Pierce-Arrow Model A Convertible Coupe

In 1929, Pierce-Arrow created the iconic L-head inline eight-cylinder engine and became its new main engine option. The new engine was considerably lighter than the previous T-head six-cylinder engine. With lighter and smaller engine was able to produce 125 horsepower which was 25% more than the old T-head. It was also a lot smoother and more reliable. With the new L-head, Pierce-Arrow was very successful that year and sold almost 10,000 cars. That is a lot considering that the Great Depression has started. By 1930, Pierce-Arrow’s top of the line Model A received the large 385 ci 8-cylinder engine which was considered as the greatest engine that was built by the Pierce-Arrow. The large Model A was a great cruiser thanks to the 132 horsepower produced by the 385. The Pierce-Arrow Model A was one of the best performing luxury cars of its time. With its synchronized transmission, it was a great luxury cruiser that came in various body styles that were perfect for the rich and powerful.

1930 Pierce-Arrow Model A

This beautiful 1930 Pierce-Arrow Model A present in an excellent condition. A great representation of Peirce-Arrow’s high-quality build. The large 144’’ wheelbase features a very sporty Convertible Coupe coachwork that comes in an elegant finish of medium gray that is accented by black swage lines and fenders. The red stripes on the body and the black wire wheels add to the sportiness to this classy convertible.

Pierce-Arrow Model A Convertible

This elegant Model A was restored several years ago but still comes in a very solid and beautiful condition. The external finish does have some signs of aging but are very minor and can hardly be seen. The body looks great with all body panels perfectly aligned, a proof of the mastery of craftsmanship that restored this convertible. The convertible coachwork looks sporty and elegant at the same time and features several accessories that add to its charm. The front has a radiator stone guard, a Pilot Ray spotlight, and 2 spot lights that are mounted in unusual place. It also features the Peirce Arrow signature headlights. The “Kneeling Archer” figure head mounted on top of the radiator is completely intact including the bow and arrow which are usually the first ones to go. It also has spare tires mounted on each side that are locked by elegant chrome brackets that have a built in mirror. The back features a tri-lens taillight, shining chrome bumper, and chrome trunk rack.

1930 Pierce-Arrow Model A Convertible Coupe dashboard

The interior comes an elegant black leather that barely shows any signs of aging. The same goes for the matching black carpet and door panels. Probably the best part is the luxurious dashboard that is made of beautiful woodwork with an excellent finish. The woodwork stretches outside towards the door caps. The dash is fitted with original gauges and instrument, it also has a Waltham Eight Day clock, Art Deco ashtray, and a cigar lighter. The black canvas soft top also looks great without any signs of aging. The top can easily be tucked away for a very sporty roadster look.

1930 Pierce-Arrow Model A Convertible Coupe engine

This Model A is powered by the iconic 385 ci straight eight engine that looks completely intact and is finished in a correct black paint with accented polished metal. Some parts have been replaced with more modern ones such as the belts and hoses to ensure that reliability of the engine. But all of the major parts of the engine are still period correct and in working condition.

front of 1930 Pierce-Arrow Model A Convertible Coupe

This elegant but sporty Model A Convertible Coupe is certainly a great representation of Pierce-Arrow’s incredible craftsmanship. It is no wonder why the Peirce-Arrow is one of the most iconic luxury car brands in history. With its sporty coachwork with the reliable 132 horsepower 385 engine, this Model A will be a great classic touring car can be enjoyed for years to come. And with its excellent condition, this one is also a great car for any classic car collection.

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