1929 Ford Model A Speedster – Hand-Built Classic Speedster

Ford Model A Speedster

Lately, it has been getting harder to find classic master builders who can handcraft steel bodies with a just wooden buck mold as a guide to create incredible bodies of style and engineering. It was the master coachbuilders who brought us the Golden Age of coachworks between the 1920s and the 1930s. It was during this time that the most iconic and highly sought after coachworks were created. The Paul Normand Special was handcrafted using the same techniques they used in the Golden Age. For almost 40 years of his career, Paul Normand has built over 40 automotive works of art that have been featured in various classic car museums.

1929 Ford Model A Speedster

Paul Normand is a true master craftsman that only cares about turning his innovative ideas into works of art. He does not care about profit and only wants to enjoy building automotive wonders. He has never built a car for anyone. All of his creations were built for himself, by himself. One great example is this featured 1929 Ford Model A Speedster “SKIPIT III”.

1929 Ford Model A Speedster engine

This 1929 Ford Model A features an all original drivetrain and a correct four-cylinder Ford engine that is connected to the standard 3-speed manual transmission. It also has a complete set of extremely rare chrome beauty rings and Cragar spinner caps from the 1950s. The body looks excellently well-built. This Speedster looks incredible and it’s hard to determine all of the parts used to create such a beautiful vehicle. It is a 100% handcrafted masterpiece using pure steel, a testimony to the skills of Paul Normand. It is finished in light crème with red highlights and hand-painted decals. The red white wheels fitted with wide whitewall tires add to its perfection.

1929 Ford Model A Speedster dashboard

The cockpit is a 2-man cabin with custom interior upholstery that has been recently installed. The tight cockpit is surrounded by upholstery to provide some comfort. The stainless steel dash if loaded with modern instruments in a traditional hot rod fashion. All of the heavy non-essential parts have been removed to minimize the weight of this speedster. The engine bay is clean but is certainly not show quality, it is a vehicle built for speed and has been used as such. The engine runs smoothly and purrs like a true classic speedster.

The Ford Model is a relatively easy car to maintain with a very active community, owning one is certainly a worthwhile experience. This Speedster will surely be an eye catcher at any Ford Model A event, a beautiful piece of machinery built by the master builder Paul Normand. It is a perfect living tribute to the Golden Age of craftsmanship.

1929 Ford Model A Speedster exterior

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