Stunning 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Convertible

1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Convertible

World War II took a toll on the country’s economy, it was hard for all manufacturing companies to get back on their feet especially for the car manufacturers. It took some time for the car companies to create new designs. People were demanding fresh new designs and Ford had to step up. After the war, Ford Motor Company was still struggling with their financial status. They asked the help of George Walter who was called as the “Cellini of Chrome”. They wanted a new car with a streamlined design that will be their new flagship.

red 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Convertible

The result was the Ford Custom Deluxe V8 which was a very sleek and stylish car. As expected from George Walter’s designs, it was loaded with chrome. The horn ring, armrest, window trim, dual sun visors, and other external trims were all chrome. A standard Deluxe convertible has a price of 1,950, it came with several options for additional cost. The standard engine for the Deluxe was a 239 ci V8 engine that was rated at 100 horsepower. The engine was connected to a 3-speed manual transmission with an optional overdrive feature.

1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Convertible engine

This featured 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe convertible comes in a charming red finish. It was owned by a car collector from Texas who gave it a lot of attention. He loved the car so much that he spent around $150 to have it restored to perfect condition, he also added some personal touches to the car. It has less than 8,000 original miles which testify to its pristine condition. It is ready to hit the local car shows which will surely win some awards. Its mechanical parts are also completely solid without any problems in starting.

The external looks completely original with all of the panels straight and solid. The red finish has a very beautiful shine. All of the chrome are intact and have excellent shines. Everything looks perfect, it’s hard not to fall in love with this classic ride. The stock wheels with Coker Classic Wide Whitewall tires and 15” stock hubcaps all add to its beauty.

Ford Custom Deluxe Convertible

The interior also looks fantastic. It comes with a white upholstery with some added features. It’s clear that the quality of work done to restore the interior is impeccable. The interior features tuck and roll seats, Factory Magic Heater, Sony CD Player, and Sun Pro Water temp gauge. The original tool kit that came with this Deluxe is all intact.

Under the hood featured a shiny Flathead V8 engine that features an updated alternator and Optima Red Top battery. The engine runs perfectly smooth without any weird noises. The silent engine is perfect for a cruise while you enjoy the wind in your face.

1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Convertible dashboard

This Ford Custom Deluxe convertible is a perfect memento of Ford comeback to greatness. It is a car that is highly sought after by collectors for its historic significance and stunning beauty.

1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Convertible exterior

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