Tom Selleck’s 1953 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup

Tom Selleck’s 1953 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup

This 1953 Dodge Power Wagon used to be owned by the famous American actor, Tom Selleck. It is a very solid classic off-road truck that comes in a very stunning fire engine red finish which makes it stand out in the wild.

Dodge was proud to show the importance of the Dodge Power wagons during the making of the action film “King Solomon’s Mines”.

1953 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup advert

The Dodge Power Wagon was specifically built to be an off-road 4WD vehicle that shares a similar style with the classic Diamond Rio truck. It has a 1930s feel with the military inspired design. It is believed to be one of the most reliable trucks used for hunting and exploring on almost every terrain. It is probably even better than the Land Rover I.

1953 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup dashboard

Dodge based the design of the Power Wagon on their WC military series used during World War II. Dodge realized that a huge part of the army men will be returning to their farms and ranches, and all of them had been on a military vehicle. The demand for government service trucks was also on the rise. This pushed Dodge to design a multi-purpose civilian vehicle with a military feel. In 1946, the Dodge Power Wagon was introduced.

1953 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup trunk

The Dodge Burma Road Truck was also used as an inspiration to design the Dodge Power Wagon. The Burma Road truck was used by the Nationalist Chinese Army as they fought against the Japanese. It was mainly used to transport military supplies for the Chinese Army across the battlefield. The Dodge Power Wagon was also designed the haul heavy loads but this time for a more peaceful purpose. It had a huge 8’ x 4’ x ½’ truck bed to store all of its load. The Power Wagon was originally designed to replace the Burma Road and transport heavy cargo across almost every terrain.

1953 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup engine

The early models of the Power Wagons were powered by a 217 cubic inch 6-cylinder flathead side-valve engine. Later in 1954, the engine was replaced with the bigger 230 cid flathead side-valve engine. Both engines were built to handle extreme loads and could easily be fixed on the road. Tom Selleck’s 1953 Dodge Power Wagon is powered by the 230 cid engine.

1953 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup exterior

Both engines were matched to a 4-speed sliding gear transmission that featured power take-off on both ends. This red Power Wagon features a power take-off on the front that powers a heavy duty winch and a rear power take-off that powers a water pump.

Dodge Power Wagon Pickup

Through the years, the Dodge Power Wagon became available in a wide range of body configurations such as a twin cab and a fully enclosed carryall. Originally, they were available on 4×4 platforms but some were also built on 6×6 platforms. A design that was tested and proven in the rough battlefields, they are one of the best classic off-road vehicles out there.

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