Beautifully Restored 1948 Mercury Convertible

Mercury Convertible

Henry Ford is one of the greatest man in the American automotive industry. He has contributed a lot of innovations to the industry such as the improvement of the V8 engine in 1932 that produced 65 horsepower. What set it apart from other V8 engines during that time was that the iconic Ford Flathead V8 engine integrated the cylinders and the crankcase into 1 simple block. The heads could also be removed. The Ford Flathead was not just powerful, it was also very reliable and maintaining it was relatively easier. This is probably one of the reasons why the 1948 Mercury is a very desirable classic to both the collectors and the hot rodders.

1948 Mercury Convertible

The Ford Flathead V8 continued to evolve over the years. In 1933, it increased its power output to 75 horsepower and in 1939, it jump to 90 horsepower. In 1939, the luxury models built by Mercury received the improved Ford V8 engine. And by 1946, the power output increased to 100 horsepower. The Mercury used the engine until 1953.

restored 1948 Mercury Convertible

The Mercury convertible did not changed much between 1947 and 1948 because the Mercury production line, the economy, and the public were still not in sync after the war. The economy was starting to rise again and every car companies were having a hard time keeping up with the public’s demand. The production for the 1948 year model only ran for 4 months because the 1949 model started early in April 1948. The production for the Sportsman convertible stopped but over 50,000 cars were sold by then.

This featured 1948 Mercury convertible received a comprehensive restoration during the late 1980s. It looks beautiful in its period correct light yellow finish complemented with an elegant brown leather interior. The tan Haartz cloth top was added in 2003. Other features included radio, spotlight, and clock.

1948 Mercury Convertible engine

Even after 3 decades since it was restored, the interior still looks excellent. The dashboard has an elegant woodgrain finish. Everything is still functional including all classic instruments and gauges.

The exterior looks solid and straight with all panel gaps tight. The yellow finish looks excellent and has a beautiful shine. All of the chromeworks shine brightly, a trademark for the Mercury line. Overall, the exterior looks perfect without any need for repairs or improvements.

1948 Mercury Convertible exterior

Under the hood, everything is clean and the same thing could be said underneath the body. It is powered by a 239 cid Flathead V8 engine that is rated at 100 horsepower. the engine is connected to a 3-speed manual transmission. It runs without any trouble and is a joy to drive which the Mercury line is known for having a very comfortable driving experience during its time. You can’t deny the mastery of work to restore this Mercury and the maintenance to keep it well-preserved over 30 years since it was restored.

Mercury Convertible interior

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