1962 Lincoln Continental – John F Kennedy’s Presidential Limousine

1962 Lincoln Continental

Most of the car collectors are fascinated with cars that have a very interesting history. Some have an interesting origin, some have sentimental values, and there are some that have a more significant impact on the history of an entire nation. One of such caliber is a car that served the American President and a car like that isn’t something you can just find in a showroom.

Kennedy lincoln

This featured 1962 Lincoln Continental Presidential Towne limousine is a car with such historic significance. It served as the presidential car for President John F. Kennedy during his term. Hess & Eisenhardt specialized in building coachworks for presidents and other VIPs. They built 3 of these Continental Presidential Towne limousine and has fully documented the life of this Lincoln since it started its service as the Presidential ride in August of 1962.

black 1962 Lincoln Continental

This Lincoln Continental comes in an elegant black exterior matched with a black leather interior. Like all of the presidential cars made by Hess & Eisenhardt, this Continental with chassis #424232 comes with amenities fit for a president such as an armrest telephone on the rear seat, front and rear partition with glass windows, chrome flag stands in the front, and the flashing red headlamps.

With a 131 inch wheelbase, it is longer than the standard Lincoln Continental. To provide the power needed in case of emergencies, it features a 430 ci V8 engine that is rated at 300 horsepower. The engine is then connected to a 3-speed automatic transmission.

kennedy presidential limousine

This Continental is believed to be the main Presidential ride but it is not the one used by President Kennedy when he was assassinated on November 22, 1963. The one Kennedy used during his assassination was a Lincoln with a bubble top that was usually used during parades.

After the death of Kennedy, this Continental continued its service the Lyndon Johnson’s term and was put out of commission in 1974 and was sold to Ford Motor Company.

1962 Presidential limousine

While it was still serving as the Presidential car, this Continental was maintained by Calvin S. Beauregard who was used to be a Ford executive and public affairs manager for the transportation division. Beauregard bought this car from Ford and brought it to Arizona. After some time, Beauregard sold it to his neighbor, Dr. Francois Theroux. It was then passed down to its current owner.

According to the documents, the 1st 1962 Lincoln Continental Towne Limousine was used by Mrs. Edsel B. Ford which was destroyed in January of 1974, and the last one was assigned to Kennedy’s wife, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, which was then delivered to the Henry Ford Museum in 1972.

62 Lincoln Continental

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