1941 Graham Hollywood Supercharged – The Child of 2 Great American Designers

1941 Graham Hollywood Supercharged

In 1919, the brothers Robert, Ray, and Joseph Graham started the Graham Motor Company. They created kits that would transform Ford Motel TT and TTs into trucks. Eventually, they moved on to building trucks using engines from other companies, mainly from Dodge. In 1925, Dodge bought the Graham Brothers Company and assigned the brothers to executive positions. In 1927, Dodge was acquired by Chrysler Corporation and allowed the Graham brand to continue until 1929. The Graham brothers had other plans and left the Dodge/Chrysler partnership to go back into producing cars as an independent company. In 1927, they bought the Paige-Detroit Motor Company and continued to build cars using the name Graham-Paige.

1941 Graham Hollywood Supercharged engine

Graham-Paige successfully designed and built cars. In 1932, most of their cars were powered by the “Blue Streak” supercharged straight eight engine which was created by Amos Northup. During that time, the Great Depression was starting to put the pressure on economy and Graham-Paige was not exempted. In 1939, to try and survive the hard years, they partnered with Hupp Motor Company. Together, they created new designs using the assets Hupp bought from Auburn Motor Company that already went bankrupt at that time.

red 1941 Graham Hollywood Supercharged

Graham did not use their Blue Streak straight eight engine with the new models and opted to use standard or supercharged six-cylinder engines. The standard models were named as the Graham Hollywood and the supercharged models were named as the Graham Hollywood Supercharged. Both the Graham Hollywood and Graham Hollywood Supercharged featured designs that were a combination of the Cord 810/812 and John Tjaarda’s designs. The Cord part of the Hollywood is from the passenger cabin to the back of the car. Tjaarda was responsible for the front design of the car.

The Graham Hollywood is the child of two great American designers which justifies as to why it is one of the most stylish American car during the late 1930s. The Graham Hollywood Supercharged is one of the rarest cars from the late 1930s.

The Graham Hollywood was powered by the 217.8 ci engine that is rated at 95 horsepower. The Graham Hollywood Supercharged pumped its power to 124 horsepower which means it has the highest power to weight ratio of all American cars during its time. Graham ensured that all of their cars were built to the highest of quality. They were known to have one of the best performance at that time.

1941 Graham Hollywood Supercharged exterior

Unfortunately, the success of the Graham Hollywood Supercharged was not enough to save the company. A huge number of the Graham Hollywood Supercharged was ordered but the company was not able to handle all of them and canceled most of them. The Graham Company was able to pull through by they moved from car manufacturing to selling real estates.

1941 Graham Hollywood Supercharged dashboard

This featured 1941 Graham Hollywood Supercharged received some restoration work during the 1980s and is still in good condition but there are some signs of fading on the paint. The red finish is believed to be the original color.

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1941 Graham Hollywood Supercharged interior

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