1957 Plymouth Suburban – Large Classic Family Hauler

Plymouth Suburban

During the 1950s, suburbs grew bigger and bigger families were moving in. This made the large station wagons as a popular family hauler. This 1956 Plymouth Suburban is one of those popular station wagons that adorned with huge tailfins.

The Suburban name was first used by Chevrolet way back in the 1930s, it was their long-running working truck brand. But they never patented the Suburban name and so in 1978, Plymouth took the name and used it on their station wagons. During that time, Chevrolet used the Suburban name for their trucks. In was only in 1988 that GM finally trademarked the Suburban name.

classic 1957 Plymouth Suburban

The Plymouth Suburban was first introduced in 1949 to replace the Woodie station wagons. It was America’s 1st pure-steel station wagon, a category that was previously dominated by the iconic Woodies. It was much cheaper than the woodies and much easier to maintain. The all-steel body also lasted significantly longer than the high-maintenance wooden body. By 1956, The Suburban received an update and was available in more configuration such as the 4-door coupe you see in the pictures. It also had more engine options to cater the needs of the customers.

The 1957 Plymouth Suburban was a robust vehicle that featured the popular grand styling in the 50s – large tailfins and loaded with chrome. Topped with a family friendly interior, the Plymouth Suburban became a very popular family car.

1957 Plymouth Suburban

This Suburban has survived through time and is in a mostly original condition that looks incredibly solid. It can be found in Simpsonville, South Carolina. It comes in a lovely 2-tone blue and white finish, chrome shines nicely, and large fins in the rear. According to its owner, this all-original Suburban works great and is a great classic to use as a regular driver. It starts up nicely and has no problem cruising through the highway.

Under the hood is the original 301 ci V8 engine that is matched to an automatic transmission. Even with 90,225 original miles, this Suburban is still in great classic with still plenty of life left. The body is completely rust free but there are some small rust spots on the floor panels which can easily be repaired.

1957 Plymouth Suburban exterior

The interior has remained intact through the years, except for the fresh rugs and the new front-seat covers. It was sold for $15,990, which is a respectable price for a very solid classic that would be perfect for Sunday family outings. A great classic driver that will go a long way under the proper maintenance and care.

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