1929 Cadillac Series 341 With A Rare Fisher Coachwork

1929 Cadillac

By the late 1920s, Cadillac has proven itself as the producers of America’s most innovative automobiles. Some of the most simple car features we enjoy today can be traced back to the innovations created by Cadillac such as the safety glass, electric starter, electric lights, pure steel roof, 1st synchromesh transmission, 1st V16 engine, and 1st dual-plane crankshaft. Cadillacs at that time were known for having excellent quality, luxurious designs, and reliable performance. They were even believed to be one of the most outstanding cars in the world.

1929 Cadillac Series 341 interior

The 1929 Cadillac received some updated but still looked similar to the 1928 year model, but it was still an important year for Cadillac. The small changes done on the 1929 Cadillac was created by Harley Earl, who at that time was still a fresh designer for Cadillac but he eventually became one of the best designers in history and gave GM the most iconic designs in the industry. Although the appearance of the 1929 year model changed very little, the internal works received a significant change. The 341 ci V8 engine was connected to a newly designed “clashless” synchromesh transmission, this made it easier to shift gears without double clutching. The significantly improved driving experience made the Cadillac into one of the best luxury vehicles at that time. The 1929 Cadillac was also the first one to receive the safety glass. The reinforced chassis made a very reliable wheelbase and the mechanical brakes on all wheels made it easier to stop the car.

1929 Cadillac Series 341 dashboard

It was also the 1st car to receive the Delco dual-action shock absorbers which provided a significantly smoother ride. The 141” wheelbase was mounted with a number of body styles that usually built by Fisher and Fleetwood, but customers were free to choose any coachbuilder they wanted. The customer could order the coachwork in any form they want to satisfy their every need.

1929 Cadillac Series 341 exterior

This dashing 1929 341B comes with a very rare and highly desirable roadster coachwork built by Fisher, style #1184. It received a complete restoration sometime in its life and has been properly maintained. The Fisher coachwork is finished in a beautiful 2-tone gray and pale green finish. The pale green paint on the fenders and rear deck perfectly emphasizes the stylish curves of the car. The body looks perfectly solid and the gaps are tight as they come. Even if it was restored several years ago, quality of work done to restore this Cadillac can still be seen. Everything was done in period including the 2 pilot ray lights, spare tires mounted on each side, golf bag compartment, rumble seat, radiator stone guard, and the signature flying goddess figurehead.

1929 Cadillac Series 341

The interior comes in a simple but elegant design that features a light tan upholstery and dark tan carpets that are in excellent condition. The convertible soft top comes in a dark tan canvas that goes really well with the interior. The 1929 Cadillac was the last year of the Fisher Style 1184 roadster coachwork which was the sportiest body that was mounted on the Cadillac. By 1930, the Series 341 was replaced by the Series 353 that had a bigger engine.

1929 Cadillac Series 341  engine

This Cadillac is powered by a 341 ci L-head V8 engine that is measured at 90 horsepower. The engine bay looks clean and solid. The Cadillac’s performance was very reliable at that time and everyone enjoyed driving them. The chassis is in excellent condition and has been restored using mostly period correct parts. This Cadillac still features the important components of what made the 1929 year model a very innovative car during its time.

1929 Cadillac convertible

The 1929 Cadillac Series 341B Roadster has been recognized by the Classic Car Club of America as a Full Classic. This means that it is a very distinctive car that made a mark in the American automobile history. This fine classic is a perfectly maintained example that is still reliable despite its age.

Its elegant beauty is undeniable and will turn every head on the streets. A properly restored classic that can still be enjoyed cruising down the road. It would be a great car to bring on Caravan tours or Cadillac LaSalle Club parades and tours.


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