Extremely Rare 1930 Lincoln Model L Convertible Roadster With LeBaron Coachwork

1930 Lincoln Model L Convertible Roadster

In 1922, Henry Ford bought the Lincoln Motor Company that was founded by Henry Leland. At that time, the Lincoln car was at the front of Ford’s growing empire which was entrusted to his son Edsel Ford. Although Lincoln was not that high, its elegance was an irreplaceable strength. With Edsel’s skills in designing, the Lincoln was further refined. Edsel looked for inspiration from the master coachbuilders including Judkins, Brunn, Murphy, Willoughby, and Locke. Some of these coachbuilders may not have made it into production but were actually featured in some Lincoln catalogs. Edsel was determined to bring the best coachwork to the Lincoln cars.

1930 Lincoln Model L Convertible Roadster engine

In 1920, LeBarcon Carrossiers was founded by Thomas Hibbard and Raymond Dietrich who were former designers from Brewster. They started at as a humble designing office in New York. In 1923, they were able to make a deal with Bridgeport Body Company from Connecticut which made LeBaron an official coachbuilder. That same year, Edsel Ford and Raymond Dietrich met in the New York Salon. LeBaron’s main project was now the Lincoln.

1930 Lincoln Model L Convertible Roadster exterior

LeBaron created the Convertible Roadster coachwork to be mounted on the Lincoln Model L. In 1930, the Lincoln Model L Convertible Roadster went into production. The small convertible coupe featured a classy top that can be folded down and hidden behind the seat. The car then becomes a smooth roadster which allows the passenger to enjoy the fresh air as they cruise down the road. It had spare tires mounted on the sides which were standard for the model. Only around 100 Lincoln Model L Convertible Roadsters were built back then making them an extremely rare classic.

1930 Lincoln Model L Convertible Roadster interior

This Lincoln Model L LeBaron Convertible Roadster has been authenticated by the Benson Ford Research Center and based on the production records, Lincoln delivered this car to LeBaron on July 18, 1930. The records also show it is the original body and chassis. Its previous owner asked Glenn Wright Restoration to completely restore this roadster and has been properly maintained and present until today. It features a stylish gray body accented with black trims and fenders and a black canvas top. The elegant exterior is matched by the equivalently elegant brown leather interior. Other notable features include a Seth Thomas clock embedded in the dash, 2 spare tires mounted on each side, and a classy wooden steering wheel.

Lincoln Model L Convertible Roadster

It is powered by a 384 ci L-head V8 engine that is connected to a 3-speed manual transmission. This beautifully restored Lincoln Model L LeBaron Convertible Roadster is an excellent example that has been the watch list of many collectors. It would be a perfect addition to a classic Lincoln collection.

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