Restored 1937 Cord 812SC Supercharged Phaeton That Looks Incredible

1937 Cord 812SC Phaeton

This 1937 Cord 812SC Supercharged Phaeton recently had a full bare chassis restoration. It has only been driven about 400 miles since it was restored and looks like it just came out of the showroom. This Cord comes in a glossy Ivory finish with a classy Black Leather interior and a Tan canvas top.

1937 Cord 812SC Supercharged Phaeton

This Supercharge Phaeton with serial #32408H and the body #C91 653 are matching numbers. The exterior looks fantastic with its curved fenders and long hood. The restoration was masterfully done with everything looking perfect and in factory correct specification. Only 600 Phaetons were built in 1937, and only 196 of those were supercharged. Which means that this is an incredibly rare Cord and is probably one of the best examples out there.

This Cord has been under the ownership of a car collector for more than half of its life. The owner owned a facility that restored both classic cars and wooden boats. In 2000, he sent the Cord for a complete restoration and was complete in 2004. After completion, this Cord was stored in a temperature controlled facility and was rarely used. In 2012, it was sold to its current owner who only used the Cord during special events. But before it was passed down to its current owner, the convertible top had been damaged by rodents. In 2013, it received a new top that was made by Jonathan Chase, a famous builder that worked on several Pebble Beach classics.

white 1937 Cord 812SC Phaeton

The engine bay is as clean as the exterior and looks excellent. The only flaw this car has is its windshield-wiper that is no longer functioning. Because it was no longer intended for regular drives, the wipers were not finished. Fortunately, fixing them won’t be any problem as there are kits available to repair them. The Cord 810s and 812s were known for having problems with their transmission but this one does not have any of those problems and works smoothly.

1937 Cord 812SC Phaeton exterior

This Cord did not external side mirrors when the current owner received it. He wanted to install side mirrors without drilling holes to the body. After some extensive research, he found a simple but effective way to do this. He mounted the mirrors on thin stainless steel lines that went through the windshield’s screw-holes.

This car is a fantastic example of the last model year for the Cord Supercharged Phaeton, the 1st American car that was a front wheel drive.

1937 Cord 812SC Phaeton convertible

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