Highly Collectible 1936 Ford Station Wagon

36 Ford Station Wagon

1936 was a great year for Ford, it was a year when Ford a step closer to greatness. A number of their models broke record sales and new models became instant hits. At that time, Ford still offered the classic body designs such as cabriolet and sedans. Plenty of car collectors believes that the 1936 Fords that had smooth V-shaped grille and upright grille bars are the most stylish and most desirable of all V8 powered Fords. A cross between a truck and a car, the Woody Station Wagon is probably on top of that list, which is proven by the fact that Woodies are being auctioned at the higher price in recent years.

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1936 Ford Station Wagon engine

The Ford “21 Stud” flathead V8 is a tried and proven engine that is known for its reliability and availability of parts which makes it easy to maintain. Between 1932 and 1936, over 3 million “21 Stud” were built.

1936 Ford Station Wagon interior

The Station Wagon or more commonly known as the woody featured similar windshield and cowl frame from a Ford convertible. Henry Ford owned a forest in Iron Mountain, Michigan, where he planted hardwoods that were used to build the wooden bodies. Hard maple trees were the most common choice as Henry wanted the grains to be perfect.

Henry wanted the side panels to have cross grains so gum or birch plywood was used. For the roof panels, basswood was the first choice. Unfortunately, due to neglect or improper maintenance, the wooden bodies started to degrade just a few years after they were bought. This is probably why a lot of woodies became a popular beach car, especially for surfers who needed plenty of storage space. Only a handful of these popular woodies has survived today, which is probably why low-mileage survivors have become more expensive in recent years.

1936 Ford Station Wagon seats

This turnkey 1936 Ford Station Wagon is one of those rare low-mileage survivors with no more than 63,000 miles on its odometer. The well-preserved interior looks great with its side curtains at the back and roll up windows up front. It rides on stock 16” wheels fitted with dual white wall tires. A spare tire mounted at the back is covered by its original metal spare tire cover. This 1936 Station Wagon also came with safety glass, dual taillights, dual sun visors, dual horns, and Southland heater. All of the gauges behind the steering wheel are still functioning. With its adjustable 3-row seats, this woody is a great classic ride for the entire family. It has also been converted into a complete 12 V system which makes it a very reliable classic cruiser.

1936 Ford Station Wagon roof

This woody comes in a beautiful Washington Blue finish that was a very nice shine. The roof looks great and solid. All bright work are intact with beautiful shines. The woodwork has been recently restored and the craftsmanship is impeccable. Under the food features the famous Ford “21 Stud” flathead that looks clean and runs smoothly without any problem. According to the owner, this Woody is a great car to cruise along with the family.

The Woodies have started to regain their popularity as a great car to own. Beautifully preserved examples immediately gain the respect of everyone in the classic car hobby and this one is a perfect example of a 1936 Ford Station Wagon that is adored by many.

1936 Ford Station Wagon

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