Live The Great Gatsby Life With This 1981 Excalibur Gatsby

1981 Excalibur Gatsby

It’s hard to imagine how such an amazing car ends up in a barn and left alone for several years. Who in their right mind would waste such a beautiful work of machinery? This 1981 Excalibur built by Gatsby has just been recently freed from its dark prison and is being listed for sale on craigslist with an asking price of $10,000.

1981 white Excalibur Gatsby

As seen in the picture above, it shares a trailer with a car that is believed to have been rescued from the same barn, both left there to rot over time. Fortunately, that did not happen, both cars look very solid and no major flaws. This Excalibur comes with a classy ornate finish and is believed to be one of the later cars built by Gatsby. According to the seller, it is built on the Fox body chassis and has 17,000 miles on its odometer. It is powered by a 4.2 L Ford V8 engine and is connected to an automatic transmission.

1981 Excalibur Gatsby interior

The interior seems to be made out of Ford aftermarket parts from the 1980s and does not really match the exotic beauty of its exterior. It is probably due to the condition of the aftermarket industry during that time when people were trying to bring back the Excalibur name but never happened. Although it is not as exciting as the ornate exterior, the interior does look pretty solid.

1981 Excalibur Gatsby exterior

On a closer inspection of the body, it does have some dents and paint scratches which are believed to have been taken while it was in storage. The body looks solid overall so it won’t take much to fix the cosmetic problems. What’s important is that there seems to be no rust or rot on this Excalibur. The seller said that he has already done all of the regular maintenance needed to ensure that this is a functional and driving Excalibur. He repaired the water pump, rebuilt the VV carburetor, added fresh cylinder wheels, and rebuilt the calipers. The seller claims that it runs really smooth despite being stored for such a long time.

front of 1981 Excalibur Gatsby

With a very low mileage of 17,000 miles, this Excalibur probably still has most of its original parts but there are really no documents to prove that. Its history is even a bit sketchy. A Resto-Mod would be perfect for this car. Restore the very exotic ornate exterior and bring the interior to the same level of elegance. That would be a sight!!

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