1970 AMC AMX Ready To Hit The Streets

1970 AMC AMX

This featured 1970 AMC AMX is being listed for sale by a private seller on ClassicCars.com. The owner worked on this AMX only during his spare time which took about 10 years to complete. “Focused on reliability, low maintenance, and updated appearance. There are some performance mods, but my primary goal was an easy to drive, carefree AMX that turned heads,” he added.

AMX cars are popular for being flashy that will surely catch everyone’s attention. When America was looking for two-seater sports cars with a fresh look, American Motors answered the call and gave birth to AMX. The AMX were also built to help revive the AMC name. AMC was filled with economical cars during George Romney’s management, he left the company later on and focused on politics.


In 1967, Roy Chapin became the chief executive and chairman of AMC and William Luneburg, a former executive of Ford, became the president and chief operating officer.

In 1968, AMC released to brand new models. The Javelin that was built to compete against the iconic Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro; and the two-seater sports car AMX that was designed to go head to head with the Chevrolet Corvette coupe.

In 1968, 6,725 AMC AMX were produced, 8,293 for the 1969 year model and 4,116 for the 1970 year model, the last year for the AMX.

1970 AMC AMX interior

This 1970 AMX has a 401 ci V8 engine under the hood which is connected to an automatic transmission. It features power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning. According to the seller, this AMX has been left in stored in Southern California since it was bought in 1986. In the last 7 years, the owner drove it for no more than 400 miles.

“I’ve always thought the ‘70 AMX was a great-looking muscle car with a unique blend of American and Euro styling cues,” the seller stated in the ad.
“It retains the signature contours, edges, and proportions of the original Italian designed prototype. It doesn’t look like any other muscle car of that time, or since.”

The seller also stated that the AMC 401 engine under the hood was completely rebuilt and has been bored 0.030. The engine choice was more of a practical reason because the original high compression 360 ci engine was fueled by the phased-out high octane gas. The 401 had a lower compression compared to the 360 ci but with a higher displacement and better ignition timing, the 401 is no pushover.

1970 AMC AMX  engine

Originally, the owner just wanted to have a nice cruiser and did not really have any reason to replace the original Borg Water automatic transmission with a high-performance TorqueFlite transmission but he did, because he can.

To make room for bigger custom wheels, the owner modified the axle and rear differential without changing the stock gears. The engine bay was also restored. The interior modified which now has reinforced seats, a glossy black dashboard that was “cut from the original dash template,” and a customized audio system.

The seller has placed a $26,500 asking price on this 1970 AMC AMX that can be found in El Cajon, California.

Update: The Car seems to have been sold!

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