Very Rare 1935 Hupmobile Aerodynamic Coupe

1935 Hupmobile Aerodynamic Coupe

We’ve seen plenty of the most iconic and most extravagant classic cars on different concours such as Mustangs, Corvette, Rolls-Royce, Pierce-Arrow, and other famous brands. Maybe it’s time to attention to the rarely seen classics that still brings something interesting to the table. This beautiful Hupmobile has a very interesting history that goes back to Motor City.

Hupmobile Aerodynamic Coupe

The Hupmobile Aerodynamic was designed by Raymond Lowey and is also known as the Series 527. The elegant Aerodynamic body is mounted on a 127’’ wheelbase and featured a 120 hp straight-8 engine on the front. The aerodynamic design was first introduced in 1934 and one of the earliest designs created by Lowey which paved the way for a number of successful and unique automotive designs.

1935 Hupmobile  Coupe

The Hupmobiles were built in Detroit between 1909 and 1937. The first Hupmobile was the Model 20 that was introduced in 1909 during the Detroit Auto Show. The early Hupmobiles were simple and focused on reliability. It was only in 1931 when Lowey stepped in to improve the designs. Lowey’s first creation was the 1932 Hupmobile Cyclefender, a streamlined roadster with good performance. Unfortunately, it did not sell very well.

Hupmobile Coupe

In 1934, Hupmobile was more confident with their designs and released the Aerodynamic coupe also names as the Series 527. It featured a beautiful European style coachwork with semi-recessed headlights and a panned windscreen. The new design has welcomed by the public and sold better than its predecessors. The small success of the Series 527 was still not enough to save Hupmobile and in 1936, the company had to sell most of their assets.

1935 Hupmobile Aerodynamic Coupe interior

This featured 1935 Model J-527 Aerodynamic coupe is a significant piece of the Hupmobile history. This elegant coupe has a striking “V” shaped front bumper and an Art Deco style fender flared headlights. A large grille features a rocket style Hupmobile hood ornament that creates a front end that was not common during the 1930s. The aerodynamic design continues to the 3-piece front windshield. At the back, this Aerodynamic coupe has a rumble seat with side step plates for the passengers. It also has a continental spare tire mounted on the back that gives it a classic elegant look. Color-keyed rims fitted with black wall tires complements the elegant maroon body of this Aerodynamic coupe. The interior features a minimalistic design with charming leatherwork that is common for a luxurious 1930s car.

1935 Hupmobile Aerodynamic Coupe exterior

This beautiful 1935 Aerodynamic coupe was featured during the 2016 Concours of the Americas at St. Johns. With only 11,000 original miles, this is an extremely rare example of a Lowey designed Hupmobile. Its owner had eyes on this car for several years. Eventually, the previous owner agreed to trade it with a 1941 Cadillac convertible. The 1935 Aerodynamic coupe is one of the last models built by Hupmobile before finally closing down in 1937.

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