1963 Pontiac Star Chief – The Solid Survivor

1963 Pontiac Star Chief

This 1963 Pontiac Star Chief may not look that great but it is a very solid survivor. It still has most of its original parts and only minor repairs to bring them to top condition. It has some wears around the body but is just minor that you don’t need to work on them right away. Some may even want them to leave it as is to preserve the “survivor” look of the car. The bidding is currently underway for this Star Chief and has a buy it now price of $6,500. As of writing, the bid is just a little bit over $1,000. A very cheap price for such a solid classic. It is currently in Janesville, Wisconsin and just waiting for its lucky new owner.

classic 1963 Pontiac Star Chief

Its biggest body damage is the dent on the rear door on the driver’s side. The door may need to be completely replaced but if it isn’t jammed, there is no need to hurry. According to the seller, the rear part of the body has been recently repaired. The work was good enough that its hard for you to notice that it was recently repaired.

1963 Pontiac Star Chief rust

The seller is honest enough to show all of the rust in the car. The most major one are the rust on the mounting points for the body as shown in the picture above. This is one of the things that will need to be repaired as soon as possible. The shock and spring seem to be replacements.

1963 Pontiac Star Chief exterior

At a closer inspection, the chrome looks to be in relatively good condition considering its age. A few cast trim does have some pitting but it’s something you would expect for such a cheap classic. It would not make sense to expect a perfect car for a very low price. For its price, it’s a solid classic cruiser that will be good for evening drives or with some few repairs, it will be good enough as a daily driver.

1963 Pontiac Star Chief interior

The interior looks a lot better and will not need work anytime soon. According to the seller, a new carpeting will be needed, though. The original AM radio still works which is really great for the family cruise. This 6-seater classic cruiser will be a great family hauler and cruise around town on a family night.

1963 Pontiac Star Chief engine

According to the seller, the 389 cubic inch V8 engine runs “like a sewing machine”, which is not surprising when it has a documented original mileage of 69,000 miles. This 1963 Pontiac Star Chief may not be for everyone but it is certainly a good deal for those who enjoy classic sedans.

front of 1963 Pontiac Star Chief

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