1910 Buick Model 16 – A Beautifully Restored Brass Era Vehicle

1910 Buick Model 16

The Buick Motor Company became the foundation of the General Motors. In 1910, Charles Nash was the General Manager and President of Buick Motor Company and led the success of the company which was able to sell nearly 30,000 vehicles at that time. Early Buick cars came in a wide range of sizes including personal luxury cars, family cars, and pickup trucks, this allowed the Buick to be competitive in almost every niche of the industry. Buick competed in the races to help improve their reputation for having fast and durable cars.

white 1910 Buick Model 16

Some of the early Buick racers include Louis and Arthur Chevrolet, Bob ‘Wild’ Burman, and Lewis Strang. Prominent production car races were held at Daytona Beach, Long Island, and Savannah, Indianapolis. In the same year, 2 bright red ‘Buick Bug’ race cars were built for Bob Burman and Louis Chevrolet. The duo raced the Buick Bugs across the country. These special aerodynamic cars were built on shorter single-seat racing chassis and are powered by large 622 ci 4-cylinder engines. The streamlined body of the Buick Bug featured ram heads that were painted at the front and became the signature insignia of these popular race cars. Sports goodies were also offered in several Buick models for their regular patrons.

1910 Buick Model 16 Roadster

The Buick Model 10 with a 92” wheelbase and the longer Buick Model 16 with a 112” wheelbase were the popular choice for those who wanted sporty Roadsters. The Roadsters only had a two-seating capacity with the standard chassis, fenders, cowl, and fenders. Both cars were cleverly built which allowed them to have multiple configurations using the same standard chassis.

This beautiful 1910 Buick Model 16 Roadster has been restored some time ago. The restoration was incredibly well done and has been completely preserved since it was restored. 1910 was the time when most cars were only offered with a monotone finish and this one is one example. The entire exterior of this Roadster is done in white. The monotone white finish is accented with sporty red coach lines on the hood, fenders, wheels, front axle, and frame. The headlamps, coach lights, radiator and script, wheel centers, and the big flared bulb horn are all finished in shining brass. The shift and brake sticks are also done in polished brass. It has simple instruments such as a mileage record, brass oil sight gauge, and a Stewart speedometer.

1910 Buick Model 16 Roadster exterior

The right side has an acetylene tank that supplies gas for the lamps, while a cylindrical gasoline tank is placed behind the seats. It rides on wooden spoke wheels covered in black tires. It does not have a windshield and a top, which is part of the sporty style of early roadsters. The seats are made out of wood which is probably the original ones. The seats are then covered in black tufted leather that is probably added during the previous restoration. It is powered by the 318 ci engine with 4 independent cast cylinders and is able to produce 32.4 horsepower. The cylinder heads are fixed, so the mechanism for moving the rods and valve gear are exposed which adds to the sporty style of this early Roadster. The engine is connected to a 3-speed sliding gear transmission that directs power to the rear. This Roadster was restored to be a touring which features a carefully hidden electric starter, hydraulic rear brakes, and modern air filter. All of the modern additions provide a reliable ride and enhance the experience of driving a brass-era automobile.

1910 Buick Model 16 Roadster engine

This 1910 Buick Model 16 is a beautiful brass-era vehicle that features a sporty Roadster style that represents the time when Buick made a significant impact on racing history. Due to its modern improvements, it will be a drive such an old classic and because improvements are well hidden, they do not mess with the vintage sporting look. The vintage car clubs such as Buick Club of America, Horseless Carriage Club of America, and Antique Automobile Club of America will surely love this classic ride.

There is no question that this vintage Roadster will be a great show car as well. It is being listed for sale at Classic Driver by Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars in St. Louis, Missouri. it has an asking price of $118,500 which is just about right for a functional and well-preserved century-old vintage ride.

1910 Buick Model 16 Roadster interior

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