1967 Ford Thunderbird That Is Incredibly Well-Preserved

1967 Ford Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird has had many different forms throughout its lifetime. The original two-seater Thunderbird built from 1955 to 1957 were closer to a personal-luxury GTs. The 2nd and 3rd generation became more family oriented, it still had its flashy design but increased its capacity to 4 people. And the following generation went back to becoming flashier and featured the popular designs of the Jet Age.

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This featured 1967 Ford Thunderbird coupe is being sold by a private dealer from Lakeland, Florida. The 20,000 original miles testifies to the excellent condition of this coupe. The dealer selling this car is a perfect example of a professional dealer that clearly puts every important detail about the car. They have also provided clear pictures to showcase the real condition of the car.

1967 Ford Thunderbird interior

According to the dealer, this Thunderbird has spent most of its time in West Virginia. Its previous owner rarely used this car. Although it spent a lot of time in the garage, its owner did not forget to maintain the car which explains its solid condition. The dealer bought the Thunderbird and shipped it to Florida for a restoration.

The Thunderbird had a dual stage repaint with its original Light Green Metallic finish. The interior seems to be in great condition as well. The dealer says that it is still original including the factory-installed console and golden bucket seats. The dash, door panels, headliner, and carpet are original as well. The factory AC is still functional and blows cool air with no trouble. The original Am/FM radio with stereo speakers works well. The factory wheel covers are also in good condition. This Thunderbird rides on freshly installed whitewall tires.

1967 Ford Thunderbird exterior

The body is still very solid with no dents, rust, or scratches. The chrome and other trims are all intact but some stainless trims have dents. This Thunderbird is powered by its original 390 ci V8 engine topped with a 4-barrel carburetor. It also features power steering, power brakes, and power windows.

green 1967 Ford Thunderbird

The Thunderbirds are known for their power and smooth ride and they are also relatively cheap to maintain. And an added bonus is the 4 passenger capacity. The 5th generation Thunderbirds are also a great memorabilia of the ‘60s space-age.

1967 Ford Thunderbird tires

These classics have been undervalued for some time but the collector car community is starting to see the value of functional cars, classic cars that can be enjoyed on the road and the Thunderbirds are the perfect example. The value of the Thunderbirds may slowly rise.

1967 Ford Thunderbird dashboard

Finding a 4th generation Thunderbird in such great condition is certainly not easy. The dealer is asking $18,500 for this Thunderbird which seems to be a good deal for such an original and well-preserved classic. A ready to drive powerhouse that offers a smooth ride for the whole family.

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