1967 Rambler Rebel 550 Comes Out From 30 Years in Storage

1967 Rambler Rebel 550

Rambler and AMC fans will probably go crazy about this rare two-door 1967 Rambler Rebel 550 that is currently being listed on eBay. As of writing, the current bid is at $3,385 with just a few days left until bidding is over. It also has a buy it now price of $4,000. This Rebel can be found in Sacramento, California.

1967 Rambler Rebel

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The 1967 Rebels were actually officially labeled as Ramblers and not AMCs. They are Rambler Rebels built by American Motors. The 1967 year model was the 1st complete redesign of the Rebel and was 2’’ longer and 4’’ wider than the previous model which followed the trend of slowly upsizing every redesign. The wheelbase of the Rebel 550 has a slim B-pillar which makes it look like a hardtop. The 770 was the bigger model and the SST line was available in 2-door hardtops.

white 1967 Rambler Rebel 550

This featured Rebel 550 just came out of storage after 30 years. Although it looks to have a white finish in the picture, it actually has a yellow finish. The effect is probably due to the bright Sacramento sunlight. It is probably the Apollo Yellow finish which is a bit white. After 30 years in storage, this Rebel 550 has no rust but there are of course some work needed to bring it back on the road. It has some minor dents and damages but the most important part is that it has no rust.

1967 Rambler Rebel 550 dashboard

In the interior, it does not look great but it seems that everything is intact. There are no signs of any pests that have made this a home while it was in storage which is really great. There are no visible cracks on the dash, and the door panels and seats look solid. It has a new steering column which was design to collapse whenever there is an accident. The 1967 AMC cars were had 2-year/24,000 mile full warranty and a 5-year/50,000 mile drivetrain warranty.

1967 Rambler Rebel 550 engine

It is powered by a V8 engine but the seller has not given any details as to what V8 engine it is. The Rebel had the 290 ci, 343 ci, and 390 ci V8 engine options, this one looks like the standard 290 ci engine which can produce 200 horsepower. This Rebel 550 won’t need a lot of things to bring it back to the streets, a great and easy project car that will surely be a joy to ride.

1967 Rambler Rebel 550 exterior

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