1955 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery -Rare Classic From The 50’s

1955 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery

This rare 1955 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery located in Pampano Beach, Florida and is being listed for sale on eBay with a few days left before the bidding war is over. As of writing, the bid is just over $3,000 and is still below the reserve price. This car has the potential to be a great street rod.

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1955 Ford Courier Sedan

This rare beastly ride looks good for a 61-year-old classic. It looks pretty solid but it’s most likely loaded with a lot of body filler and other bodywork. The body does not look very straight as well and there are some areas that seem off. It has more than a few body wrinkles but looks to be rust free. According to the seller, it came from a hot country but has not mentioned where. Because of its origin, this car does not have a heating system since it came out of the showroom.

55 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery

For those who are experienced in bodyworks, it won’t be a problem to bring this car back into tip-top shape and resell for profit, if that is the intention of the buyer. The exterior repairs are not really the big issue here, the interior and under the hood will probably take more time to repair and will need more investment. But as long as the price won’t go up to high, throwing in a good amount of money to rebuild this car is still a great investment. Of course, that is if you’ll do all the work by yourself. If you send this one to a restoration shop, it will cost a lot more than $30,000 to restore this one.

1955 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery dashboard

Most likely, the next owner won’t really restore this to its original factory specifications. It will probably end up as a restomod or a hotrod. It has a unique style that will be great to work on. Its rarity has the potential to be a one of a kind restomod. The interior probably needs more work than the exterior. New floor panels will be needed and probably some roof/headliner repairs as well.

1955 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery engine

Surprisingly, it still has its original Ford Y-block 272 V8 engine that can produce about 160 horsepower. It looks solid but has obviously been taken out and repainted, but the seller has not said anything if the engine has been rebuilt. The seller ensured that this is a working classic but is not reliable to hit the streets. All the brakes are working and underneath looks good as well. It’s a bit risky investment but this 1955 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery has some potential and hopefully, it won’t end up as a money pit and the restoration won’t get finished.

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