Custom 1952 Chevy Texas Supersport

1952 Chevy Texas Supersport

This featured 1952 Chevrolet 3100 is a significant achievement for owner John Goode. This was John’s first ground-up, bare-chassis project into a stunning restomod ride, a lifelong dream that has finally been fulfilled.

In the 1970s, a young and free-spirited John Goode spent most of his time repairing cars and racing in the streets. John became a master of both. He quickly learned how to repair cars when his car repeatedly broke after racing it. The car he used to race was also his only daily driver, so he was forced to fix it quickly.

1952 Chevrolet 3100

He spent a lot of time in a mechanic’s bay he rented to work on his car. He was also a regular at a car wash where other car guys gathered. John recalled that he always admired the high-quality, highly modified muscle cars and hot rods that were owned by the older car guys that also frequented the car wash. He said to himself that one day, he will also have a car that can go head to head with those cars.

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Later on, John earned a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. He was able to further his skills on and ideas about his dream car. His talents were recognized by many and he became a manufacturing company’s general manager in Fort Worth, Texas. With a stable job, John had the financial means to pursue his dream project and build his first custom ride. As an engineer, John was very detailed in his plans and prepared everything for the build. In fact, before he started to build his dream car, he knew that he would need a place to work on. In 2005, he built a hot rod of his own. John now had a place to work on and he thought that he needed a service truck for his shop. So for his 1st project, he looked for a classic pickup.

He found this a 1952 Chevrolet in Burleson, Texas that looked good on the outside. This was probably a good lesson for John to not rush things and judge the car by its cover. The first problem John and his son encountered was when they were driving the car home and found out that the brakes are barely holding. After they started to disassemble the truck, the duo found out that the engine was not properly mounted. The transmission was also barely bolted to the engine that you could see a gap where they are connected. John was not satisfied with the stability of the stock chassis as well. It was obvious that a lot of work was needed to achieve his dream car.

1952 Chevrolet 3100 interior

John first worked on the stock Chevrolet chassis. He bought a few 16-gauge square steel tubing and reinforced the entire frame. After he was finished with the frame, he started to plan what engine he would use. The pickup had a Chevrolet 327 ci small-block engine but John did not like it and wanted something better. He gave the 327 away and replaced it with a Vortec 350 crate engine he bought from Bobby Murray Chevrolet located in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was matched to a Holley 600 carburetor and GM HEI ignition which produced a hefty 330 horsepower.

The engine was then connected to a TCI Automotive 700-R4 that has a 1,800-rpm stall. But after an unfortunate incident, it needed to be rebuilt which was done by Grave’s Transmission Services from Arlington. With the engine in place, John took detailed measurements and built custom engine mounts to house the bigger engine. Crosslink Powdercoating from Burleson powder coated the frame. To support the frame, a combination of coilovers, Heidts Superide II IFS, an anti-sway bar in the front, and new leaf springs that have RB Obsoletes’ drop kit in the rear.

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After receiving the custom driveshaft built by Denny’s Driveshaft, he mounted it on the completed rolling chassis. He was really satisfied with the results but then started to have a change of heart. Originally, he wanted to have a solid cargo truck for his future projects but after seeing the result, he wanted it to become a restomod classic cruiser.

The next task was how to mount the body to the rebuilt chassis. Reassembly of the truck bed was easy thanks to the Pro’s Pick Engineered Components reproduction truck bed. Everything else started to get difficult. John spent about 3 months trying to get all the panels straight and the gaps close. His effort did not get any results so he finally asked help from John Verennich from The Custom Touch located in Arlington Texas. Verennich was also not able to get everything aligned so he investigated for what was causing the problems. He found out that the chassis was twisted by around ¼” when John added the reinforcements. Verennich tried to straighten the frame using the straitening machine but John’s reinforcements proved to be too strong. So instead, Verennich adjusted the body panels to align with the frame. After the body problem was fixed, wider fiberglass fenders were mounted in the rear to house wide wheels and tires. John was really happy with the results and said the Verennich is indeed a “master of his trade.”

1952 Chevrolet 3100 engine

The next task if the color, John spent 6 months just on choosing the color he wanted. One day he saw a sexy 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a Mitsubishi Sunset Pearlescent finish and decided that was what he wanted. Verennich did the paint job and added some finishing touches including a custom one-piece windshield mounted by Mike’s Auto Glass from Bedford, taillights and rearview mirrors from Billet Specialties. The truck rides on Foose Monterey wheels measuring 18×8 and 20×10 that are fitted with Nitto NT420S tires measuring 255/50R18 and 285/40R20. John also had Kinney’s Muffler Shop mount two 3’’ side-exit exhaust tips on each side.

After the reassembly was done, it was time to work on the interior. John designed a custom center console which was loaded with goodies. The dash is loaded with Haneline gauges, Painless Performance wiring, Dakota Digital gear indicator, Eclipse stereo powered by an Alpine head unit, and Vintage Air A/C. John also installed electric windows from Specialty Power Windows and Rattle Trap sound deafening. For the smooth cruising, John used a Flaming Rivers tilt column with a Billet Specialties steering wheel and Lokar pedals.

House of Hotrods from Mansfield did the custom dark gray Ultraleather upholstery with light gray inserts on the Lexus RX300 bucket seats. John named his custom truck as the Texas Super Sport, so he asked House of Hotrods to embroider a unique logo that is a combination of Texas map outline and the classic Chevy SS logo. Finally, custom door panels were covered with the same Ultraleather accented with an orange Ultrasuede and stainless trims.

The truck was finally done and John was eager to take it on car shows. It was able to win some awards but John lost interest in the shows. Today, John just wants to enjoy driving his new car which still gets a lot of attention. But John thinks that his truck is attracting too much attention that it is actually hazardous on the road. “What I have learned is that most of them immediately forget how to drive, and begin to move closer and closer; I now wave at them and keep moving,” he said.

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After these pictures were taken, John sold this truck. He said that he wanted so sell the car so he can focus on his next project. He is currently building a Formula Mazda race car together with his son. John is also planning to build more classic cars in the future so expect another great ride from him.

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