Incredibly Rare 1960 Goliath 1100 Tiger Coupé That Needs Saving

1960 Goliath 1100 Tiger Coupé engine

This rare and beat up 1960 Goliath 1100 Tiger coupe is located in Easley South Carolina and is currently listed on eBay with a few days left before the bidding ends. As of writing, the bid is just over $2000 and the reserve has not yet been met.

rare 1960 Goliath 1100 Tiger Coupé

The Goliath was a member of the German group of companies, Borgward. What makes this 1960 Goliath interesting is that after 1958, the Goliath cars were under the Hansa brand but this one is obviously branded as a Goliath. After 1961, the entire Borgward group went out of business.

1960 Goliath 1100 Tiger Coupé  exterior

What makes this auction more interesting is that it is a 2 car package, not only do you get the solid 1960 Goliath 1100 Tiger coupe but you also get a Luxus model shown in the picture below. Although the Luxus does not really look too good, it does feature a very rare High Horse dual-carburetor engine option. The engine option only adds around 15 horsepower but that is the best engine option of its time. The Luxus is good as a parts donor car. Repairing it would probably cost too much.


The Goliath has a great design but little is known about its origin. There shouldn’t be a 1960 Goliath 1100 Tiger so it’s a mystery why this one exists. According to the listing, this Goliath 1100 was originally bought in North Carolina and has never left the state. The seller claimed that this car is still mostly original, it still even has the rare feature of the Goliath which is the white rubber the outlines the rear window and windshield.

1960 Goliath 1100 Tiger Coupé interior

This car obviously needs a complete bare-chassis restoration but that would probably cost a lot of money and time to do. Given that this one is very rare, finding the right parts would probably be very difficult, if not impossible. For those who have the skills and assets to do it themselves, this car would be a good car to work on. The good thing is that the chassis and body look solid enough and complete. A fully restored example would probably be sold between $25,000 and $35,000.

1960 Goliath 1100 Tiger Coupé  engine

It has a 1,094 CC 4-cylinder boxer engine under the hood which is probably good for about 45 horsepower. With the twin-carburetor from the Lexus, it can go up to 60 horsepower which may not seem that much but that is actually a 33% power boost. This Goliath is a front-drive which makes it a good car for cruising up the mountains.

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