Abandoned 1961 Corvette Powered By A 400 V8

1961 Corvette Powered By A 400 V8

It would be nice to know the history of this 1961 Corvette but unfortunately, the seller has not stated a lot about its condition or story. They said that they had the Corvette for more than 10 years and it is powered by a 400 Chevy engine. Judging from the pictures, this Corvette has been abandon for 10 years or more. If it has been left outside for a very long time, then checking the condition of the frame is very important. The story behind the 400 Chevy is also a mystery as this Corvette should originally have the 283. This Corvette from Running Springs, California is currently listed on eBay with the bidding over $26,000.

Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.

1961 Corvette engine

So why the very high bids even though this Corvette has been left out in the open for so long? It’s probably because of the Chevy 400. Although it was never built as a high-performance engine and was designed to be used on trucks and large family sedans, the Chevy 400 is able to produce a lot of torque and is fairly easy to turn it into a monstrous powerhouse. A Chevy 350 is probably easier to make it produce a lot of horsepowers but the Chevy 400 is very durable, has a lot of torque, and is flexible to any form of customization which is why these engines are so famous among the hot rod community during the 70s. The seller has not stated anything about the condition of the engine as well but it seems that it already has some upgrades fitted in. There is not much info about the transmission as well but it would not be surprising if it has been replaced with something that can handle all of the torque coming from the Chevy 400.

1961 Corvette interior

The interior of the Corvette seems to be all stock except for the shifter that seems to have been replaced to match the transmission.

This 1961 Corvette will probably a drag strip demon after the right amount of work has been done. But the first thing to do is check the condition of the 400 if it still runs. Hopefully, the engine can still be revived to justify the very high bid. Another plan would be to just use the engine on another car or sell it, and mount a 283, 327, or a 350 engine. All of which are enough to give a lot of horsepower for this Corvette. Restoring it to its original condition is probably harder than a custom build.

1961 Corvette

Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.

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