Rare Ragtop 1967 AMC Rebel SST

Ragtop 1967 AMC Rebel SS

This is a rare ragtop 1967 AMC Rebel SST from West Hartford, Connecticut. It is being listed on eBay with the bid just over $5,000 as of writing with no reserves. It also has a $25,000 “Buy It Now” price.

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This is one out of 1,686 AMC Rebel SST built in 1967. The 1968 AMC Rebel SST convertible is the last model year with only 823 built. This Rebel has been recently restored but the restoration work is not something most would agree on. Everything bellow has been sprayed with black which is mainly to protect the chassis from rust. It may not be pretty for some but it is a quick way to get the job done. According to the seller, this Rebel is pretty solid and the floor panels are all intact. Both the exterior and interior have been reworked. The seller also added that they have spent more than $15,000 to restore this car.

Rare Ragtop 1967 AMC Rebel SST

The seller claimed that the “Royale Blue Metallic” finish is a fresh repaint in the original finish. Original or not, the paint does look really good. What’s interesting is the unique color on the wheels. It certainly looks better than the bland white, black, gray, or silver wheels. It also matches really well with the paint.

1967 AMC Rebel SST

The interior looks to have been reupholstered and looks fantastic. It has a column-mounted automatic shifter which is great for those who just wants to cruise and enjoy the ride. The seller claimed an “all original” car but it’s obvious that a lot of its components has been replaced, or reworked. Without proper documents, it is hard to believe that this is a real “all original” Rebel. The $25,000 asking price is probably too much for if it isn’t all original.

Ragtop 1967 AMC Rebel SST interior

Under the hood, the engine bay looks really clean and has obviously been reworked. There is no doubt that this engine will run smoothly but the seller’s claim that this is original is questionable. It is believed to be a 5.6 343 ci V8 engine topped with a four-barrel carburetor. An original setup is rated to produce about 275 horsepower but this one has been reworked so it might produce a little bit more power unless all that’s been added are some chrome trims to make it look better and no performance goodies were installed. These AMC Rebel SSTs are certainly rare but for a non-original example such as this one, $25,000 is probably too much.

Ragtop 1967 AMC Rebel SST engine

Would you have bought this car for the right price?

1967 AMC Rebel SST

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