1914 Regal Underslung – Classic Touring Car

1914 Regal Underslung

Most of the early automobiles built were long and unstable that had a suspension that was very similar to horse-drawn wagons but there were a few special innovative companies that started the “underslung” design. Instead of installing the frames and springs on top of the axles which is the standard design, the “underslung” designs had the frames suspended under the axles which create a lower profile, improved weight distribution, and a more stylish look.

1914 Regal Underslung exterior

This featured 1914 Regal Underslung touring car is one of the 1st underslung designs. It is a 5-seater compact touring car with a sporty design. It is currently being sold by a private dealer from St. Louis, Missouri. According to the dealer, this is a “wonderful older restoration” that has been regularly driven. The dealer ensured that despite its age, this Regal Underslung still drives smoothly and can still be enjoyed.

1914 Regal Underslung interior

The design of the Regal was quite similar to the more popular American Underslung and features a stylish look with its artillery-style wooden spoke wheels. The wheels are large enough to provide necessary clearance from the rough terrain at that time. The Underslung design was said to be a safety feature that prevented the car from tipping over thanks to its lower frame and body. To achieve to lower ride, the axles were mounted on top of the frame.

According to the seller, “this placement resulted in a lower ride height that presumed to reduce the dangers of skidding or ‘turning turtle,’ as early motorists feared.” When the Regal was first introduced, its slogan was “Underslung construction means ‘safety’.”

1914 Regal

This Regal Underslung “is very attractively finished in light gray with black fenders,” the dealer added. “Red coach lines provide distinctive accents to both the body and the fenders. Restrained brass-finished accents on the car include the radiator shell, headlight rims, and hubcaps, as well as the step plates on the running boards.”

Regal Underslung

The black leatherette top is connected to the folding windshield at the front. This allows you to fold the upper section of the windshield even while the leatherette top is mounted. The interior also comes in black leather with a button-tufted pattern. The high-mounted left-hand drive steering wheel that features a wooden rim and a brass center piece. The body is beautifully lined with wooden trims and a spare tire mounted on the back.

1914 Regal Underslung engine

Compared to American Underslung examples of similar quality that have been auctioned for over a million dollars, this Regal Underslung is relatively cheaper. The asking price for this beautiful brass-era classic is $57,500. It has the potential to be a great show car and can also be enjoyed cruising around town.

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