Rare Classic: 400 Horsepower Tri-Power 1967 Corvette

400 Horsepower Tri-Power 1967 Corvette

1967 Corvette 400 Horsepower Tri-Power

At the very young age of 5 years old, Lou Notaro’s passion for Corvettes was sparked when his uncle purchased a brand new silver 1969 Corvette. The stunning beauty and roaring power of the Corvette charmed young Lou and at a very young age, Lou wanted to have a Corvette of his own. From that very moment, it became his childhood dream to drive one when he came to age.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

But Lou still had more than a decade to wait before he was old enough to turn his dreams into reality. Lou finally got a learner’s permit when he was 16 and his parents prepared a surprise for him, a 1980 Corvette. Lou loved his first Corvette and proved to his parents that he truly deserved it. The Corvette was completely taken care of and was never left under the harmful elements. Lou had the Corvette until 1988 when he got married needed a more practical ride for his family.

1967 Corvette

But not too long after, Lou started to want another Corvette for his own. 4 years after, Lou brought home a 1992 Corvette convertible. But 2 years later, Lou was forced to sell the Corvette when his family grew larger and he had a 2nd daughter. For the second time, Lou had to push aside his dreams and focused on his family and business. For a span of more than 10 years, Lou owned several Corvettes.

In 1996, he bought a fresh Corvette coupe and was followed by a 1998 Corvette convertible which was the 1st Corvette convertible model to have a trunk. Lou then had a 2001 Torch Red with a six-speed and followed by a restored 1980 Corvette. The 1980 Corvette was then swapped for a brand new 2005 Corvette convertible that featured a power top.

red 1967 Corvette

By 2008, Lou desired a C2 big-block coupe. He looked at the different model years and chose the best one. He considered the amount to maintain a 40-year-old Corvette and decided it would not be practical because he already had 3 daughters to look after. Although his plans were put on hold, he still had hopes that one day he will own a mid-year Corvette. Lou instead got a brand new Corvette Z06 with a Jetstream Blue finish as requested by his wife, Lisa. It was still a very beautiful ride that he still owns at present.

400 Horsepower Tri-Power 1967 Corvette engine

In 2010, Lou bought the Grand Sport and by 2013, he swapped it with a 427 convertible that had a Z06 engine. When his 50th birthday was getting near, he wanted something that would be perfect for his golden birthday. He revived his dream of having a C2 big-block. Just a few months before his birthday and with his wife’s permission, he searched for his dream Corvette.

Lou asked for the help of his fellow Corvette enthusiasts. It did not take much time for Lou to receive word about an original coupe that had the rare 427/400 horsepower Tri-Power option and also features stock side pipes. To make it all better, the coupe featured the most wanted Rally Red and black interior combo with a black stinger. It also had its original 427 engine. It was such a great find that Lou did not hesitate to check it out but there was one downside to the deal. The coupe has been taken apart after it was attempted to be restored. A dissembled car always takes some time to finish but Lou waited for too long to pass this chance and was not scared to take on a restoration project.

400 Horsepower Tri-Power 1967 Corvette interior

It is believed that it was bought in 1985 by a rich muscle car enthusiast who also collected cars. The Corvette was then stored on his farm and was not taken care off. Unfortunately, the owner met an untimely death and the family sold all of his cars. By 2005, the Corvette was bought by Joe Costa and had it dissembled for restoration. As the restoration was in progress, Joe Costa also met an untimely death and the restoration was never finished. It was again listed for sale by his family.

1967 Corvette dashboard

Lou’s friend, Bill Durr Jr. who was also a Corvette fan, referred Starlight Restorations from Egg Harbor, New Jersey, to help check the Corvette. Doug Ims, the owner of Starlight Restorations, was happy to give his professional opinion about the Corvette and went out to where it was located. Andy Cannizzo, who was Lou’s friend and fellow Corvette fan, also helped take a look at the Corvette. The trio went to the location and saw that it still needed a lot of work to complete. Lou still had hopes for the Corvette and bought it. The disassembled car was shipped to Starlight while Lou loaded several boxes that contained parts to restore the Corvette in his pickup and brought it to his house to be organized. Andy and Lou went through all of the parts to check what parts are still lacking.

Doug is known to be one of the top restorers in the country and was easy to work with. His presence gave Lou’s dream a lot of hope. With Lou’s go signal, Doug started to restore the Corvette in May of 2014. While the restoration was ongoing, Lou looked through the internet and swap meets for N.O.S. parts.

Starlight’s master mechanic, Pat Laudisi who used to work for Chevy during the 60s, was the one who reassembled the chassis. Everything was cleaned and smoothed out. An F41 special handling suspension kit was then added, the kit was an option for the 1967 Corvette. The body was media blasted and rebuilt. After the body was complete, it received 4 layers of Sikkens Rally Red. A final coat was applied before 4 clear coats were applied.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

1967 Corvette 400 Horsepower Tri-Power

The 427 with matching numbers was bored 0.30 out to make sure all the cylinder walls are clean. Pat helped look for the missing parts for the engine and worked on the powertrain. The engine was fully restored to stock setup and was able to produce 415 horsepower. A more reliable transistor ignition was added. The Corvette also features its factory installed power steering, power disc brakes, and A/C. Only a handful of 427/400hp Corvettes were ordered with such options.

rare 1967 Corvette

It took almost 1,700 man hours to complete Lou’s dream Corvette but all of it was worth it. Lou’s fully restored 1967 Corvette is one amazing show car that has already achieved various awards and is still one of the crowd favorites.

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