1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II – A True Survivor

1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II

Although officially named as a 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II, this luxurious hardtop coupe was promoted by Ford simply as the Continental, an independent division that was purposely created to rival other famous luxury car brands.

Even though it was technically not a Lincoln, the Continental Mark II was showcased in Lincoln dealerships. For the 1956 and 1957 model years, the Continental was completely independent but was eventually absorbed into the Lincoln division.

1956 Lincoln Continental

Ford was successful in making the Continental as their luxury line with its simple but elegant beauty that was completely different from other luxury cars that featured large fins and layered with numerous chromes.

The Mark II was mostly hand built to perfection and was exclusively sold at a price of $10,000. Even though it was as expensive as a Rolls-Royce, Ford was believed to still lose over $1,000 for each car sold. Around 3,000 Mark IIs were built which means that Ford lost around 3 million dollars in total.

1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II  interior

This featured Continental Mark II is being sold by a private dealer from Chicago. This Mark II is a true low-mileage survivor that is completely original except for the repainted Robin Egg Blue finish which is still the original color. The 26,406 miles displayed on the odometer explains why its original interior looks almost brand new. According to the dealer, this is a turnkey classic with all features still functioning including the power brakes, power steering, and air condition.

56 Lincoln Continental Mark II

The dealer’s ad says that “driving this car is a dream. It starts easily and shifts smoothly through the gears. The power steering works smoothly and the power brakes are dialed in as well.”

According to the dealer, this Mark II is powered by its factory installed 368 ci Y-block V8 that is rated to produce 285 horsepower and a torque of 402 lbs.-ft. The Y-block is matched to a Turbo-Drive 2-speed automatic transmission.

front of 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II

Recently, the Continental Mark IIs are getting more attention and their value as a collector’s car is rising. A low-mileage survivor like this one is certainly a rare find that would fetch a good price but Chicago dealership is asking $148,000 which is a bit too high. Using the Hagerty valuation guide puts a perfectly original Mark II to be around $118,000. A less original Mark II is priced with $82,000.

This very original low-mileage 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II is certainly a great classic but the asking price is probably just too high for your average gearhead. Its concours quality condition and its rarity are probably enough for a rich collector to buy this Mark II.

1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II exterior

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