The Fastest Mustang In The World

Fastest Mustang In The World

What is the fastest classic Ford Mustang in the world? Some may think that it is Carroll Shelby’s 1967 GT500 Super Snake that hit a top speed of 170 miles per hour and others think about Mario Andretti’s Mustang that is powered by a racing engine that maxed at 174 miles per hour on the Bonneville Flats. But both are not really the right answer.

The fastest classic Mustang is the Zombie 222, made by Blood Shed Motors from Austin, Texas.

Zombie 222

The 48-year-old Zombie 222 is also the fastest electric car on earth. Yes, it’s faster than the modern Tesla Model S P100D. It’s probably safe to say that it is also the fastest cat on the streets with its record time of 1.79 for the 0 to 60 mph. With its stripped-down body that looks badass, it’s undoubtedly one of the meanest looking cars out there.

A lot of high-performance electric cars have been making a scene in the auto world and the Zombie is one of them. But what actually inspired the creation of this awesome Mustang?

Zombie 222 fastest mustang

Blood Shed Motors was founded by Mitch Medford. According to Medford, the Zombie 222 is the combination of a classic look with an attitude of a modern car. Medford has always enjoyed the combination of classic and modern stuff. “I was one of those guys if you could make a telephone look like it was from the 1930s, but it was wireless, I’m in. Way back, I remember watching an animated movie called Heavy Metal. In that movie, there was a vintage Corvette, like a ’58 ‘Vette, that was actually a spaceship. I remember thinking how freakin’ cool that was,” he said.

classic Mustang fastback

When Medford was watching an episode of ‘Top Gear’ that featured the 1st Tesla Roadster, they were road testing it and made fun of its performance. But Medford noticed something, whenever the Tesla Roadster was going in a straight line, its acceleration was a lot better than the gas cars. So he went and researched about “electric drag racing” and found the White Zombie. He got the idea to build an electric drag racer but looked better than a 1972 Datsun.

What Medford had in mind was a classic American car that would blow the minds of every muscle car fan.

He thought that if you put the same kind of electric power into a bigger frame, into a muscle car, then power should surely rise. So he contacted John Wayland, White Zombie’s creator, and John said that Medford’s idea was great. John hauled the White Zombie into his trailer and transported it from Portland all the way to Texas. John stayed at Medford’s home for a month and basically gave a crash course about electric cars for Medford and his crew a lecture.

John helped Medford and his crew to make the Zombie 222 run smoothly and brought it to San Antonio. John was asked by Medford to be the first one to take the Zombie 222 for a test drive. After testing it out, John said that “I won’t drive that car again until you do a lot more work on it.”

fastest mustang ever

For 3 straight nights, they worked the car to achieve John’s expectations. “I had left off the sway bar, shock tower reinforcement, and hadn’t even set the toe on the front wheels using a tape measure. And, we were using a loaner battery John had arranged from Big Daddy Don Garlits’s electric rail dragster, so it was significantly more battery than we needed,” Medford said. When John got back into the car and stepped on the pedal, the front wheels went into the air for about a foot and raced down the track, and the Zombie 222 was born.


To finalize Medford’s plan to build a beastly electric muscle car, they need to choose the right platform. So after discussing it with Wayland, Medford chose to go with the classic Mustang fastback.

Medford is not really particular about the brand of the car, he looks at their distinct beauty. The movies Bullitt and Gone in 60 Seconds is what inspired him to choose either a 1967 or 1968 Mustang Fastback. They are one of the most popular muscle cars in history. Although some may not agree with it, the Mustang fastbacks have certainly made an impact worldwide and Medford wants to take his business to a global level.

After Zombie 222 was finally completed, it was time to go and beat the records of the fastest Mustangs in history. Beating the records of all Mustang racers was also a chance to give some limelight on the Blood Shed Motors and help make the business grow.

Medford said that “when we first started out, our goal was to focus on vintage Mustang performance and to try and beat the fastest vintage Mustang records ever held. And we’ve beaten both records. One was held by Carroll Shelby himself in the 1967 GT500 KR: he had that clocked around 167 miles per hour, I believe.”

In 1967, Mario Andretti built a high-speed Mustang that was powered by an Indy 500 racing engine and drove it at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Although Mario Andretti’s Mustang was no longer a street car and they did not really have to beat its record, the Zombie 222 was able to do so. Andretti’s Mustang had a top speed of 174 mph and the Zombie 222 had a top speed of 177.8 mph.

“We’re real proud of the fact that, not only do we have the quickest street electric car in the world; I suspect it’s probably the quickest street car, zero to 60. But we can also say we beat every vintage top-speed record ever,” Medford said.

Medford and his crew are not done yet. The Genovation GXE from Maryland broke its previous 186.9 mph land-speed record and achieved a max speed of 205 mph in its latest run. The GXE was built using a 2006 Corvette Z06 and powered by an electric engine with 660 horsepower and 600 lbs.-ft. or torque. Medford has broken the classic records so they are moving to the modern field and plans to beat the GXE’s record. GXE is the 1st ever road legal electric vehicle to reach 200 miles per hour.

Medford talked about the GXE’s record and said “It doesn’t matter — that’s the record we’re after now. We’ve done Mustang. We’ve beaten everybody that’s ever driven them. Now we’ve got to go after the top record.”

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