One Off 1977 Corvette Convertible

1977 Corvette Convertible

1977 Corvette Convertible – Mike Stowe from Boyne City, Michigan, has been a hot rodder most of his life. He lives around the Great Lakes Motor Works area and has a collection of beautiful cars including this one of a kind 1977 Corvette convertible that has a very low mileage, just over 5,000 miles. That’s the original miles which are incredible. It’s not surprising that this convertible is as original as it was during the day it was bought. It even has its factory installed Goodyear Poly-Steel tires.

After the mid-1970s, the muscle cars and Corvettes have gotten weaker and became underwhelming. Their powers dropped to half of the earlier models and this 1977 Corvette is no exception. The 1977 Corvette’s power ranged from 180 hp to 210 hp which was very disappointing for the Corvette fans.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

original 1977 Corvette Convertible

So what makes this 1977 Corvette interesting? For those who don’t know, Corvette did not make convertible for the 1977 year model. So how is this possible? Turns out, there was a custom car company from Toledo, Ohio who purchased an unsold 1977 Corvette coupe. They wanted to see if it was possible to rebuild the Corvette coupe body and turn it into a convertible using a 1975 rear clip. They also wanted to test if it was still as powerful as a new Corvette coupe. The company was successful in the build and you can clearly see the result. The top operates like the earlier models of Corvette convertibles. It makes you think that this one is a true factory-built Corvette convertible.

77 Corvette Convertible

This convertible has been under Mike’s care since 1979 and has not used it much, which is why it only has 5,000 original miles. Most of the time it goes out of Mike’s garage is when it heads to a car show. It was even used by Zora Arkus-Duntov with his wife, Elfi, during the 1982 St. Ignace springtime car show. It was also featured at the Mackinac Bridge’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Although there were a lot of other Corvette convertibles from different model years that were present in the celebration, it goes without saying that this 1977 Corvette convertible is the most special one and it was the one who was at the front of the convertible parade.

1977 Corvette Convertible interior

This Corvette is proof that even the world of classic cars still has a lot of surprises hidden across the country. Maybe next time, another one of a kind Corvette will pop out somewhere and blow every Corvette aficionado’s mind.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

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