1958 Ford Fairline A Great Barn Find

1958 Ford Fairline

1958 Ford Fairline

One of the most popular classics of its time is the 1958 Ford Fairlane 500. This two door hardtop car is currently listed on craigslist from Wallingford, Connecticut. The seller is asking for $7,550 for this classic coupe.

original 1958 Ford Fairline

The seller says that this is a mostly original Ford Fairlane that has been left in a barn for several years. The original two-tone white and pink/coral finish look promising. The 1978 Fairlane was part of the 2nd generation of Ford Fairlanes and its design was longer, lower, and wider than the previous models. Ford also went with a design that looks like it’s constantly moving forward.

1958 Ford Fairline interior

The seller also added that the original owner of this Fairline was from Washington, which is probably why this car has been well preserved. Classic cars as old as this one that lived in the northeastern parts of the country are not as well preserved as this one.

1958 Ford Fairline exterior

There is some rust on the front fenders so it won’t be surprising to find some more hidden under. The rear bumper does not look great and at least it’s still intact. Considering its age, the body of this Fairlane looks great.

classic 1958 Ford Fairline

A few of the trims are not on the car but according to the seller, they are still available. You won’t have any trouble looking for replacements. The glass seems to be intact as well.

1958 Ford Fairline engine

What makes this car interesting is its heart. It has the Police Interceptor 352 cid V8 engine package that is matched to a Cruise-o-Matic transmission. It also has the power steering option. The real issue now is the condition of the engine.

58 Ford Fairline seats

The interior looks great for a 60-year-old classic. Of course, it’s not show quality but after some few stitches, it will be good enough for a cruiser.

1958 Ford Fairline dashboard

The 1950s style dashboard seems to be all intact. After some refurbishing, the interior will look great.

The most important thing to check out is if the car even drives. The seller has not mentioned anything about the condition of the engine so don’t get your hopes up just yet. But the engine surely has its value, it would be great if someone is capable of reviving this Fairlane. This surely has the potential to be a great cruiser. It’s good enough for a proper restoration to bring this classic back on the streets.

A lot of the veteran motorheads would surely love seeing this classic car back on the street again. And for a very reasonable price, it is a great project car to spend your weekends reviving this 1958 Ford Fairlane.

front of 1958 Ford Fairline

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