1936 Chevrolet Custom Gasser – The Strip Teaser!

1936 Chevrolet Custom Gasser

Popularly known as the ‘gasser wars’ is considered as the start of hardcore full-bodied drag racing. Popularized during the 60s, the ‘gasser wars’ was a no-holds-barred slugfest supercharged prewar coupes that had insane horsepower and performance. As newer and lighter bodied cars started to appear, the gassers started to lose popularity but they still remain as historic symbols of the racing world. At present, these classic Gassers still get some attention and have their own competitive races.

1936 Chevrolet

This featured gasser used to be an original 1936 Chevrolet with an all steel body and was a very solid stock coupe before it became a gasser. It was built by the popular Famoso Speed Shop which is just around the corner of the Famoso Drag Strip located in Bakersfield, California. The shop’s owner is Randy Winkle was has years of experience in restoring and building Gassers. Winkle is a veteran when it comes to the Nostalgia AA Gasser competition and the craftsmanship to create these “no-holds-barred” legends.

1936 Chevrolet Custom Gasser interior

This Gasser was built to be Winkles personal ride and the plan was to create an insane classic Gasser that has the roaring power to compete in the track and still be a great cruiser after he spends his time on the track. The finished product is an awesome 1936 Chevrolet Gasser that was once on the cover of Traditional Rod & Kulture magazine and has been given the name “Strip Teazer”. This old school looking Gasser hides some modern upgrades.

1936 Chevrolet Custom Gasser wheels

It is powered by a solid 383 cid small-block Chevy Stroker package that features aluminum heads and a shiny BDS 6-71 blower. To squeeze out more power from the 383 small-block, a twin Holley four-barrel carburetors are mounted on the engine and a bug-catcher air scoop sits on top of the hood. Other features include the coated racing headers, Griffin aluminum radiator, and the Pertronix Flamethrower ignition.

Winkle requested several people to help create the performance goodies for his ride. Racer Brown and Isky provided the modified ‘Kamikaze Turbo 400’ transmission that features a transmission brake, and a Currie 3.90:1-geared spool-type differential. The Gasser sits on ET wheels, the rear wheels are fitted with blackwall racing “cheater” slicks and the front is fitted with period correct Gasser sized rubber. The straight front axle has been pushed forward for 3 inches. These combinations make the car look like it is ready to launch at any moment.

1936 Chevrolet Custom Gasser dashboard

The inside features a tuck-and-roll design that comes in red and black. To match, it also has Gasser-era gauges and accessories, red-tinted glass, and an 8-point roll cage. To create a signature look, hand-painted SoCal racing-style lettering in Burgundy Red are added to the scalloped roof and sheet metal. To prove its awesomeness, several famous racing legends have shown their love for this car and have put their signatures on this cars dash.

1936 Chevrolet Custom Gasser engine

Aside from its powerhouse, this Gasser is mainly a street cruiser. It features a well-hidden air-condition and sound systems. Is has brakes on all fours and has a race-legal fuel cell hidden in the trunk. Many still cling to the life during the Gasser Wars and try to relive those days, this 1936 Chevrolet custom Gasser is certainly one way of reminding everyone that these classics are still around to bring some action at the drag strip.

1936 Chevrolet Custom Gasser trunk

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