Beat-Up 1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR, Is It Worth Saving?

1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR

1970 Plymouth Barracuda – Plymouth Barracuda AARs have always been on the watch list of many muscle car fans. They are one of the rarest muscle car breeds today but unfortunately, this one no longer has its original engine and the body is all messed up. It’s so sad to see such a glorious muscle car to be in such condition. This 1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR is being listed on eBay with a Buy-It-Now price of $18,340 and the bidding war is almost $7k. Originally, this AAR had the Rallye Red finish but has been so beat up through the years and has now a yellow finish.

1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR engine

The AAR stands for the “All American Racer” package which was racing package made available to the general public. It allowed the public so experience what it like is behind a racing muscle car. it boasted the 340 cid “Six Pack” V8 engine, special body details, aerodynamic upgrades, side-exit exhaust system, and fiberglass hood. Sadly, this package was only available for one year which makes the Barracuda AARs were rare and are extremely expensive when in great condition. The six pack and headers are still present and may be used to rebuild the engine. The 340 “Six Pack” V8 was this cars crown and glory so losing its original engine really hurts its value but to what extent?

1970 Plymouth Barracuda

On the bright side, the fiberglass hood is still intact but the front “eyebrow” spoiler that was unique for the AAR is missing and what’s left is a rusted front. The body looks to be in a really bad shape and needs a considerable amount of work to bring it back to its beauty. The original paint can be found in the engine bay and trunk, so this AAR still has some hope because it is believed that only 145 AARs were ordered in Ralleye Red. Some reproduction body panels or some metals panels from the junkyard may make the restoration of this ‘Cuda a bit easier.

1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR interior

The seller has claimed that majority of the unique features of the Barracuda AAR is still intact but the Trans Am plates and data plates have been lost. The seats are in rough shape but what’s important is the dash looks solid with its 150 mph speedometer and 8,000 RPM tachometer. The 1970 Barracuda AAR was famous for its raw power and great handling. It’s not surprising that these classics are highly valued especially for its rarity. It might just me worth the effort in restoring this one but that’s a job that will certainly need a deep pocket and manpower to pull through. It would be great if someone with the resources gets this AAR and maybe soon we will see it fully restored in a car show.

70 Plymouth Barracuda

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