A Possible Baldwin Motion 1969 Corvette 427

1969 Corvette 427

In the car world especially in the muscle car community, there are some names of original tuner shops that are told as legends. But whenever a car that is said to be connected to that certain shop, the story is always unclear and without concrete proof. For the Camaros and Corvettes, that name is Baldwin Motion. If a car is somehow proven to be connected to Baldwin Motion, their value skyrockets. Baldwin Motion refers to the partnership between Motion Performance and Baldwin Auto Company that created custom high-performance cars. These cars were directly taken straight from the dealership into Motion Performance and fitted with aftermarket parts to create a powerful custom. Proving the authenticity of a Baldwin Motion car has always been a hard task but this 1969 Corvette being listed on eBay is believed to be a true Baldwin-Motion car. It was originally a 1969 Corvette with the 427 option.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

Baldwin Motion 1969 Corvette 427

Unfortunately, the original engine is nowhere to be found and is currently has a 350 cid engine under the hood that is no longer working. Without a beating heart, the value of this Corvette becomes really low unless it actually gets proven to be a Baldwin corvette. According to the seller, it has been heavily modified through the years and it looks like some modifications don’t really fit. It has some interesting features such as the Dodge Charger taillights. The seller noted that the difference between a stock Corvette and this one are the evidence to prove that this is indeed an authentic Baldwin. These differences include the “Manta ray” rear window, the modified spoiler, and the flip-up gas tank cover.

1969 Corvette 427 interior

The seller also claimed that the diamond pleat design of the interior is also proof that this is a real Baldwin car. It will need some Baldwin experts to confirm the sellers claim. It is amazing that almost of all of the interior is covered in the diamond pleat upholstery. The seller also claimed that the Dupree electric fuel pumps are a common feature for a Baldwin car.

If the Baldwin connection will be proven, its value may increase even if it does not have its original 427 engine which would have made this Corvette into a great barn find. The dead 350 engine does not really help improve the value of the car. With no papers to show, the only clues it has to its connection to Baldwin are the period modifications that are “claimed” to be the trademark of the legendary high-performance shop.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

Baldwin Motion 1969 Corvette 427 licence plate

Are they really enough to prove its authenticity?

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