Glossy White 1955 Ford F100 Restomod Pickup

1955 Ford F100 Restomod Pickup

The 2nd gen 1955 Ford F100 was mainly used as a heavy carrier, popular among farmers and businessmen to haul cargos across the country road. It was really a dependable truck but this restomod is living a completely different life. It took 2 years to turn a regular F100 into this awesome truck. The build was part of PowerNation’s TV series the “Truck Tech”. The show was hosted by Lawrence “LT” Tolman and Jeremy Bumpus, the duo showed the viewers the step-by-step process of building this unique restomod. The build was very thorough and was certainly not cheap as well, it’s not every day that you get to see an awesome “TV-built truck” as this one. The 2016 season of “Truck Tech” showed most of this truck’s change which will be concluded by the last episode that will be filmed during the Louisville Mecum auction this September 8 to 10.

1955 Ford F100 Restomod Pickup interior

This F100 was stripped to bare body and got a brand new high-quality JW Rod garage chassis that is fitted with a Mustang II-style front suspension that has tubular control arms. For the rear, a Currie 9-inch rear fitted with 3:73 gears and anchored by a parallel 4 link. All four wheels are fitted with Viking coilovers to keep the tires flat on the road. To give this awesome truck the power it needs, a Ford Performance 360 horsepower 3.5 L twin-turbo Ecoboost is mounted under the hood. The engine is coupled with intercooler, Vibrant Performance custom plumbing, and stainless exhaust that provides plenty of air for the twin turbo. All the power is matched with an American Powertrain Magnum 5-speed manual transmission to have complete control over shifting gears. To power everything and make sure they are working together, Ron Francis wiring harness was used. Baer disc brakes are fitted on all four 18-inch wheels that are wearing Nitto Extreme ZR tires that measure 295/45ZR18 on the back and 245/45ZR18 on the front.

white 1955 Ford F100 Restomod Pickup

Some subtle body changes were made to make into a show winner ride. 2 inches were chopped off the roof to give it a more proportional look than the standard F100. Only the metal sheets for the cab and doors are the remaining original ones which mean that this truck more of a brand new F100. The old fenders were removed and replaced with a better custom fender to provide a seamless look that matches the bedsides. After all the minor modifications were done, the body was refinished using PPG products that provide a very glossy white finish.

1955 Ford F100 Pickup

For the interior, everything is also customized and covered with black & gray Allante vinyl including the headliner, seats, door panels, and back wall. To match the custom paint scheme, the upholstery is outlined with orange stitches. 1950s style Daytona carpet was laid on the floor. The custom dash is fitted with Dakota Digital VHX Series gauges for a modern and reliable reading on the vitals. For the steering, A Unisteer electric steering column connected to a Billet Specialties steering wheel.

1955 Ford F100 Restomod Pickup engine

This restomod 1955 Ford F100 is the perfect harmony of modern and classic design, a one of a kind classic truck which will be auctioned at the Louisville Mecum Auctions this September 8 to 10.

1955 Ford F100 Restomod Pickup exterior

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