Gorgeous Low-Mileage 1973 Opel GT

1973 Opel GT

According to the seller, this 1973 Opel GT is a museum quality classic which is probably obvious as it looks like it is still in the museum when the pictures were taken. Based on the pictures, it appears to be part of the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum which has been closed to the general public in 2013. The seller has also claimed that this museum car only has 1,453 miles on its odometer. This Opel GT is currently in Madison, Georgia and is listed for sale on eBay with an asking price of $35,000 but the seller is also willing to accept other offers.

low mileage 1973 Opel GT

You can clearly see in the pictures that there are other nice classics that used to be part of the museum and most of them are also being sold such as the low-mileage Porsche 914 with only 3,153 miles on it. It is being sold on eBay with an asking price of $50,000. There are also some good-looking Volkswagen Beetles and Triumphs but let’s focus on the GT. It looks really great and is probably the most preserved GT that exists today.

red 1973 Opel GT

The 1973 Opel GT is one of the popular cars with the “Coke bottle” design and although it has similarities with the C3 Corvette, it still has its own unique charm that sets it apart from the other classics. As expected from a museum car, the Red paint still looks great and has a perfect glow. Even at close ups, you can’t see any rust spots on it.

1973 Opel GT interior

The interior looks greet as well with no visible damages. It features a steering wheel with lace grip and GT seats that are really great for long rides. One of the great things about the GT is its size, it has enough leg room for 6 feet tall people.

1973 Opel GT engine

This probably the only part of the GT that has dirt on it, except for the tires of course. Some under hood detail would probably make the engine bay look nice. The 1.9 L 4-cylinder engine still works great despite its age and has no trouble starting. Would this 1973 Opel GT be worth as a regular driver or is it better to keep it as a display car to preserve its low-mileage museum status? Modifying this GT would also be a waste of its all original condition. But that is all up to the next owner of this GT.

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