The Incredible 2016 Woodward Dream Cruise

Publish date: 2016-09-01 09:36:21

Like most of the automotive festivals along the Monterey Penninsula in California, the yearly Woodward Dream Cruise has grown. Although it is still officially a one-day fest, the Cruise has grown to a weeklong festival that goes under the Southeast Michigan area’s Autopalooza flag. It was originally composed of the central Detroit suburbs, which includes Royal Oak and Ferndale, it has expanded its coverage to the north and south through the Woodward Avenue, a 21.5-mile boulevard.

The 2016 Woodward Week started the festival with a ribbon cutting which is the official opening ceremony for the annual M1 Concourse located in southern Pontiac, the northern most part of Woodward Avenue, together with a display of classic cars and a coffee meet-up.

A Pontiac GTO Convertible, part of the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan.

Pontiac GTO Convertible

M1 is a complex composed of huge garage spaces and a 1.5-mile road course which is named the Champion Speedway in respect for its main sponsor. The M1 is one of the very few establishments in an urban area where any car fan can have the chance to drive high powered cars.

The first 2 phases of the complex have already been sold which is a total of 130 units and half of the 3rd phase, 50 units, has already been reserved as well. Roadkill Nights by M1 was held Friday night which is the night before the “official” Woodward Cruise started. A portion of the Woodward Avenue was closed for the Roadkill Nights and was turned into a 1/8th-mile drag strip.

Pontiac Best In Show

Best pontiac

At the other end of the Woodward Avenue, 250 Camaros gather for Chevy’s celebration of Camaro’s 50th Anniversary. The Camaros paraded the whole stretch of Woodward that started from GM headquarters along the Detroit River and ended at a drive-in restaurant in Pontiac, Michigan. There was also a display of the first Camaro put inside a glass box in a park located in Birmingham which is in the middle of Woodward.

The Woodward Dream Cruise was originally an event to recreate the cruising scenes of the 50s and 60s age but it has now grown to a celebration of various cars from all ages. This is mostly like due to the various festivals that occur during the same week the eventually lead to the Dream Cruise Saturday.

Although the Golden Age cars are still a large part of the festivities, the weeklong jam-packed event also features more modern cars. Some modern cars mixed in are just carrying people into the event as the road is still open to the regular traffic but very few actually use it just to go somewhere not part of the Dream Cruise Saturday.

Camaro's 50th anniversary

The Detroit area is becoming more of an automotive theme park and a tourist spot which is why Woodward Avenue is becoming the main area of automotive festivities for cars of all ages and make. An event that more than celebrates the automotive but also the American dream.

1936 Ford Pickup

1936 Ford pickup

Pierre Cardin AMC Javelin

Pierre Cardin AMC Javelin

AMC Javelin interior

1976 Triumph TR6

1976 Triumph TR6

Pontiac Fiero

Pontiac Fiero

Essex Resto-Mod

Essex resto-mod

Plymouth Resto-Mod

Plymouth resto-mod

1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner

1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner

1949 Ford custom

1949 Ford custom

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