1976 Chevy Impala – The Last of its Breed

1976 Chevy Impala

40 years have passed since the last the full-size Impala, the 1976 Chevrolet Impala, went out Chevy’s production line. The Impala used to be one of the most popular full-sized American cars. Although its handling may not be really great, it certainly is powerful and feels at home on the open road.

1976 Impala

This 1976 Impala from Naugatuck, Connecticut, is being listed for sale on craigslist with a price of $5,000. This is the only two-door model for the Impala that was released in 1976. The 1976 Impala was the last full-sized model of GM before they downsized them the following year. The 1976 Impala had a standard weight of 4175 lbs. and could do 12.2 miles per gallon but the following year, the 1977 Impala, it only weighed 3571 lbs. and could do 14.7 mpg. Downsizing the Impala was not really a bad idea as it certainly helped with the fuel consumption.

two door 1976 Chevy Impala

The two door 1976 Chevy Impalas were not as popular as its previous models so only a handful was produced. Today, it’s a bit hard to find one in a condition such as this one.

1976 Chevy Impala exhaust

This Impala is a one owner classic and its owner claimed that it only has 56,000 original miles. The owner says that it has been stored in his garage for quite some time but has cleaned off some of the dust.

1976 Chevy Impala trunk

The Impala is powered by the standard 350 cid two barrel engine which is expected to easily go from 0 to 60 mph in around 13 seconds.

1976 Chevy Impala engine

The owner assures that this car is ready to drive and will only need fresh front tires. The trunk looks intact and has a lot of luggage space.

This car screams the 70s, it features an 8 track tape deck and an FM converter for that static free radio tuning which were popular of that decade. This car probably has not been used a lot as the vinyl top still looks great, a sign that it hasn’t been under the sun for a long time.

1976 Chevy Impala interior

Although a closer look is still better, the pictures are enough to say that this Impala is in good condition and everything is still intact with just some minor flaws here and there. If everything the seller is correct, then this car is a great deal.

1976 Chevy Impala exterior

This car is original enough that it can be considered a collector car, and a very cheap one at that. The interior upholstery still looks all original and features a nice power bench seat. Because it is a full sized car, it is a great family car with a lot of extra space for your luggage. But being very big has its downside as well, it may take some time getting used to driving such a big car. Just watch out for its fenders and you’ll do just fine.

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