1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta Wagon

1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta Wagon

Oldsmobile really went crazy with the 1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta Wagon’s design. This Fiesta Wagon is not an all stock example but it still has an original body with all of its original trims, and it sure is loaded with a lot of trims. The Super 88 Fiesta is a really rare classic and this one has been lowered which actually looks good. But because it’s a bit rare classic, this Super 88 with its original body is probably better being restored to its original condition. Not a lot of people know about the Supper 88 Fiesta because just over 8,000 were built. This blue Super 88 is in Dade City, Florida, and is currently listed on eBay with a bid over $4,000 as of writing.

1958 Oldsmobile Super Wagon engine


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The Super 88 Fiesta was designed to be an awesome wagon, it came it several power options such as the 6 pack of carburetors to pump the power to 312 horsepower which makes it a really fast family wagon. This one is equipped with the smaller 4 barrel setup that can produce up to 305 horsepower which is still quite a lot of horsepower for a 1958 station wagon. It wouldn’t be surprising if some of these station wagons were turned into hot rods and push that power some more.

1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta Wagon interior

According to the seller, the interior has been reworked but it is not clear to how much has been replaced. It does look really good. The seller also added that the engine has been recently worked just enough to bring it up and running. Some additional work may be needed to make sure it will be a reliable ride.

blue 1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta Wagon

The seller says that it no longer has its original finish and the blue paint has been done some years ago. What’s great is the body looks great and everything intact. There are no major damages on it and the trims seem to be all present. The chrome needs some polishing, though.

1958 Oldsmobile Wagon

These station wagons were great back in there days but not a lot of them have been seen around lately. It’s possible that they are just under appreciated as they are 4 door wagons but this one really looks cool. The only downside to this one is that they are rare, so it’s probably going to be hard to look for the correct trims and parts to restore this one to original condition.

Would it be better to turn this 1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta Wagon into a restomod car? It’s probably easier to keep the original body and turn the exterior to something cool to match.

1958 Oldsmobile Super 88 Fiesta Wagon front

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