Stunning Original 1956 Willys Jeep Pickup

1956 Willys Jeep Pickup

The Willys Jeep pickup truck was produced from 1947 to 1965. It was a very durable and reliable vehicle that served during World War II with its very trust worthy 63 horsepower flathead in-line 4-cylinder engine. The Willy Jeep was powered by the flathead until 1952 before being replaced by the Hurricane inlet Over Exhaust “F-Head” engine, although it was already available in 1950 as an engine option.

1956 Willys Jeep Pickup engine

After serving World War II, the Willy Jeep’s reputation was solidified as a very solid, reliable, and durable vehicle. This gray 1956 Willy Jeep pick-up truck is listed on Craigslist from Owensville, Indiana. Because it is a 1956 Willy, it features the 72 horsepower Hurricane in-line 4-cylinder engine. According to the ad, this Jeep is mostly original and it seems to have been restored some point in time. The paint looks intact, the body still solid and seems to be rust free except for the truck bed. The asking price for this solid classic truck is $12,500.

original 1956 Willys Jeep Pickup

The interior of the Willys seems everything is intact and still features its original gauges and instruments. The front bench does not seem to have any major damage as well.

1956 Willys Jeep Pickup interior

The left side of the truck features a spare tire mount but without an actual space tire. Having another space tire mount on the right side to match would be a great idea. Having two spare tires is better than having one, especially for wild trips across rough terrains which are fairly common to have 2 to 3 flat tires. Where else would you enjoy riding a 4 wheel drive Jeep aside from the untamed road?

exterior 1956 Willys Jeep Pickup

This Jeep, will probably be a great hunting truck with a lot of space on the back, perfect for heavy cargo such as a rifle box and wild game. It is also solid enough to go off road where the game is. The Jeep is known to be so reliable because they are so sturdy and simple that they are so resistant to breaking and whenever they do, it’s fairly easy to fix them on the road.

original 1956 Willys Jeep

The 226 cubic inch L-head Super Hurricane six is believed to be original, it is capable of powering up to 115 horsepower with a torque of 190 lb-ft. The L-Head is then connected to a 3-speed transmission.

1956 Willy Jeep engine

This 1956 Willy Jeep is as simple as they come and is purely all about functionality but that doesn’t mean this classic is ugly. It has its own unique charm that captivates any off-roader fan. Overall, this Jeep is in great condition and starts without any problems. The truck bed is still intact with some minor rust so using it as is probably safe but fixing it is probably a better idea.

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