The Rare Four-Door 1974 Ford Maverick

1974 Ford Maverick

This 1974 Ford Maverick only had one owner and is just 30 minutes outside of Missoula, Montana. The Mavericks are becoming more uncommon lately so if you’re interested, this one is currently being listed on Craigslist with a $4,995 price tag.

Four-Door 1974 Ford Maverick

This Maverick is a four-door car which is a very controversial topic in the motor world. A lot of people don’t really see the value of a 4-door car and believe that a four-door car project is not really worth the time but everyone has their own opinion. This Maverick may not be a popular choice but there are still some who would enjoy it even if it is less than its 2 door cousins.

For sale 1974 Ford Maverick

The Medium Ivy finish seems to be darker on the front and slowly lightens up further back. The picture may just probably be poorly taken and a closer look will shed some light on the true color of this car. What’s clear is that the body is in great condition and has no major flaws. Considering that Montana gets a lot of snow yearly, this 42-year-old Maverick looks incredibly great. The 47,561 miles on its odometer can explain why it is in such good condition. The owner probably doesn’t drive it too often during winters, or probably even the whole year round. It does come with 2 Cooper Weather Master snow tires so that’s a good sign for anyone thinking of using it during winters.

dashboard 1974 Ford Maverick

The seller has not stated a lot about the interior but the interior close-up pictures are enough to tell that it is in great condition. Most of the interior seems to have been maintained really well and the details are still intact. The owner must really love this car to keep it this clean.

Being a 4-door car may not be appealing to most but the V8 certainly is. This Maverick is powered by the famous 5.0L Ford 302 cid V8 engine that is capable of producing 140 horsepower and a torque of 296 lb-ft. The Ford V8 is connected to an automatic transmission.

1974 Ford Maverick engine

If you’re into burnouts, this Maverick will probably do the job after some minor changes. The AC system is still working and blows cool air even after 42 years. This mostly original Maverick will surely be a great show car, especially after the fact that not a lot of them are around anymore. Even if this four-door 1974 Ford Maverick is not for everyone, it certainly isn’t without value.

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