1939 Buick Century Being Sold On The Cheap?

1939 Buick Century

During 1936, Buick started to give names to their cars instead of just model numbers. The Buick Series 60 was called the Buick Century. This 1939 Buick Century from Sacramento, California is being sold on craigslist for $4,900 which seems fair for a very old classic. This Century looks good after a quick look but it does have some small surface rust on the body. The engine seems to be rust free so that’s a plus. The downside is that the interior upholstery is no longer original. It has been replaced by a black vinyl but does go well with the black exterior. The dash seems to be original and intact. Overall, the interior looks good and still has that classic Buick feel.

1939 Buick Century interior

The Century is powered by a 320 cid straight 8 engine that can produce 120 horsepower. According to the seller, the engine has not been tainted and is all original but he has yet to check if it starts well.

1939 Buick Century engine

The Buick’s rear also looks good. Maybe after some fixes to the engine, this 1939 Buick Century will be a great cruiser for anyone who enjoys a pre-war classic. The interior restoration was probably done around the 70s and the tires seem to be new. This Century would be a great project car for either a restoration project, a custom build or even turn it into a hot rod. That is up to the next owner to decide. The seller has also included some spare parts to start your project.

1939 Buick Century exterior

Buicks are known for their style and the late 30s Buicks have stepped it up. The late 30s Buicks, including this 1939 Buick Century, is the result of years of experiment in the early 30s. This car is a great example of the huge restyles of the Buicks with a smoother design. And the Buick Century is not just for show, they are the high-performance models of Buick that was built from 1936 to 1942.

1939 Buick Century trunk

The 1939 Buick Century had a very streamlined design which was based on the European Grand Prix race cars of its time. A smooth grille that is embedded into the body replaced the standard vertical radiator. It had a 126-inch wheelbase which is 5 inches longer than the 1939 Buick Special. The 5-inch extension was necessary to create the space needed for the large straight 8. The light bodied Century that is powered by the 329 cid straight 8 was one of the fastest cars of its time. This 1939 Buick Century is probably your chance to own a very iconic classic.

1939 Buick Century dashboard

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